Your Guide For An Enjoyable Alligator Tour

By Janet Young

Fear is present in every man, this is something you cannot escape from. You cannot conquer from your fears without facing it. Take the time to do things that you are scared of, make this as a way of an adventure. To start, why not do a Louisiana alligator tour. These types of tour can be seen anywhere in the city.

Most people would automatically run in fear when they see this in plain sight. In their mindset, these crocodilian would attack people when they see one. The truth is, these creatures are harmless and would attack you when they think that you are harassing them. They even go away from people when they know if one is around.

Louisiana is surrounded with swamps and lakes. Because of this, many alligators can be seen around. When their homes are near to houses, these things can even be seen by property owners themselves lurking around the area. Fun fact, their number is a bit bigger compared to all the other states combined.

Right now, some of you may have already decided to go on a tour while the rest are debating if they would really do it or just let it pass. You know, life does is not an eternity, time comes that your life will end and you never know when it will be. So, do things you have not tried before while there is still time.

Booking for a tour in advance is what you should be doing. You would not want to hassle of falling line and waiting for a guide to arrive that can take you into the adventure. This is also time consuming, wasting your day waiting for someone where in you can already start your adventure already.

Book your tour in advance. Booking this in advance will save you the hassle of waiting for a long line of people trying to hire a tour guide. This saves money as well, as tour guides on the spot cost more because most of them does not have a fix rate, you still have to negotiate the price.

Pack only the necessary equipment. When you have too many items, it can be hassle because you need to carry around all those stuffs with you. In this tour, you have to walk for a while and would usually be riding a boat. Your weight for this is only limited, so bringing lots of stuffs is not a good idea.

Pack only what you need and wear comfortable clothes. As mentioned earlier, the location of the tours is going to be swamps and lakes. To arrive to the location, you need to walk a couple of miles first. When you have too many stuffs, it is going to be tiring, so pack only what you need and do not bring stuffs that does not have many uses.

It is recommended that you do this at night. Alligators are more active during the nighttime, this provides a great opportunity to see many of their kind. Spotting them at these hours are easier too, you simply will just bring a flashlight with you and wave it around to catch one. Their eyes have a reflector that when it lighted it glistens right away.

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Making The Kill When Hunting For Alligators

By Sharon Morris

Human beings are easily among the weakest of animals when relative size is taken into account. The other great apes can boast levels of physical powers not even the most athletic people with the hardest of training regimens and the best performance enhancing drugs can ever hope to reach. Humanity is weak due to a quirk in its evolution. In exchange for muscular development, it would receive enhanced cognitive abilities. These enhanced cognitive abilities allowed human beings to realize that a pointy rock could make for a good weapon. Then it realized that attaching it to a long stick could make for an even better weapon. Using those weapons, they hunted animals. They became so good at it and became so ingrained in human instinct that to this day, people will go hunting for alligators.

Now, there are a lot of factors that cause a person to go hunt. For some, it is for food, as wild animals do not consume anywhere near the same amount of chemicals that those in raised captivity do. To others, it is simply just recreation, a pastime to indulge in. Others may have to do so because a wild animal may present a danger to the local community, if that happens, then it very much has to be put down.

Alligators are apex predators, which means that they are animals that are on top of their respective food chains. An apex predator has no natural predators, not in its natural habitat. Most of the things that can kill an apex predator are generally a larger specimen of the same species, or an outside species.

Most gator hunters will do so on the water, as such they will use boat. They will also use lines. Hooks will also be employed, as will bait. To make the kill, they will generally carry a firearm.

Baiting a gator is the most important step in hunting. Meat is placed on the hooks. The hooks are attached to the line. The line is then set in water. The idea is that a gator will bite down on the meat and become ensnared by the hook.

Gators move fast in the water. They can also stay underwater for extended periods of time. As such, they can be difficult to track, which is why a trap must be set.

Once a gator takes the bait, a hunter has to pull the line in, pulling the gator up out from the water. Once the head is visible above the water, the next step is to take a single, close range shot to the head to kill it. Ideally, it should only take one bullet, as any additional blemishes will degrade its value, it is for this reason that a shotgun, which fires multiple pellets instead of a single slug, is not recommended despite being ideal for hunting birds and terrestrial animals. Once the thing is dead, it should be hauled up on a boat.

A dead alligator can be yield a profit. The meat can be sold and then eaten. It can also be skinned and that skin can be made into leather goods. It can also be turned into a trophy.

People like killing things. Especially a lower form of life. Hunting is just a way to satisfy that desire.

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The Importance Of Gator Hunts

By Gregory Lewis

Many states in the United States are faced with occurrences of alligators. In most cases, the existence of these animals is in the South East and South states like Texas, Florida, the Carolinas, and Louisiana. It is a common phenomenon to find these states having swampy regions. Alligators are known to be inhabitants of water bodies and have a special liking for swamps. Water is necessary for the fulfilment of a number of functions in their livelihood.

For example, to lay eggs, hunt and cool their bodies, alligators need water. Gators swim, therefore, living out on a dry land without water makes their lives practically impossible. The most popular and preferred habitats for gators are swamps. However, in other regions of the world, they inhabit other water bodies as well. There are many of them living in the Amazon River found in South America for instance. Here is some information on gator hunts.

In most states in the United States, alligator hunting is a legal activity. Some states however, have made gator hunting an illegal business and whose is found doing so is considered to have broken the law. One may be required to pay a fine or serve a jail sentence for hunting gators in states where the activity is considered to be illegal. North Carolina is one of the states in which gator hunting has been illegalized.

Hunters are needed to have a license in states that hunting is allowed before they engage in the practice. Licenses are given at a particular period of the year. This indicates that hunting has a specific season. It is a crime to go hunting in the wrong season or with no license. An individual found committing the crime is punished according to the law of the state responsible.

The different licenses that one can be issued are dependent on the restrictions that come along with them. For example, the limit to the number of alligators one is free to kill is specified in the license. The set duration when one is allowed to hunt is also dictated. Also, the hunting method that one can employ in killing these animals is also strictly specified.

Licenses are meant to apply within a given jurisdiction. That means that if one holds a license for hunting in area A, they cannot use the same license to hunt in area B. To hunt in a different area besides the one in which one obtained a license, a new license must be obtained. However, that can be difficult because some states impose a limit on the number of licenses that one can hold within a single season.

Excitement sets in on the arrival of the gator hunting season as the activity is quite beneficial. Firstly, many people indulge in it majorly as a hobby. Wild gator hunting is a source of adventure for many. Fanatics arm themselves with necessary supplies needed prior to the arrival of the season.

Many stores have also been opened to sell members of the public the supplies they need for the activity. Some of the supplies needed include hats, clothing, footwear, guns, and food stuff among others. Bug repellents are also important to keep bugs away in the wild.

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