Crosman Airsoft C11 Low Impact Target Pistols Marketed Internationally

By Alan Jones

The Crosman C11 metal ball bearing (BB) gun is a carbon dioxide powered, 4.5 mm calibre pistol. The weapon is made by Crosman Corp., a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of air powered guns and rifles. The company is based in East Bloomfield located north of the five finger lakes in upstate New York. From that relatively remote base, Crosman air powered weapons are marketed globally.

The C11 permits shooters to raise their marksmanship at minimal cost. The unit is inexpensive, the CO2 power packs are inexpensive and the steel BBs are inexpensive. The magazine holds 18 BBs. Each BB is loaded individually into the magazine manually. The magazine will accept any brand of BB, provided its calibre is 4.5 mm. For instance, the unit will accept both Crosman or Copperhead ammunition.

The hand grip panels both slide away to allow one CO2 power pack (cartridge) to be inserted. The CO2 cartridge weighs only twelve grams. The cartridge resembles those used in old-style soda water bottles. Each cartridge fires 100 to 200 BBs. Some users report that their unit suffers lower range performance as the CO2 cartridge empties and loses pressure.

It has a light weight of only 1.1 pounds (500 grams) and total length of 6.75 inches (175 mm) give it a comfortable feel. The barrel is made from aluminium, contributing to the overall lightness. The grip is textured and sculpted with finger grooves to improve its ergonomics. It is easy to handle and does not strain a hand or arm if shot for long periods. This pistol is easy and uncomplicated to use.

The gun is typically priced at about fifty dollars retail. This low price makes it very affordable for entry-level shooters to practice marksmanship inexpensively. The C11 is also sometimes used to control small pests and even for small game hunting (rabbits, ducks, birds, fowl and the like. Its noise level is rated a 3-medium. Its muzzle velocity is as high as 150 metres per second (mps). By comparison, some air powered guns have muzzle velocities of up to 275 mps.

The C11 is rated as a semi-automatic weapon. It has a manual safety catch. The weapon comes with a smooth, rather than rifled, barrel. This limits its accuracy to a relatively short range. It is rated to have an effective range of 70 feet (22 metres) with greatest accuracy reported to be within a 25 to 30 feet (8 to 9 metres) range.

The pistol combines handheld comfort, quality components with commendable overall accuracy. These features are delivered at low price, making the gun good value for money. In accordance with US federal law, the tip of the barrel is painted orange to so that it remains distinct from a conventional gun.

In summary, the Crosman firm has a long history dating back to 1923 when it was first established in Rochester New York. Its Crosman C11 handheld gun is one of its fine airsoft products. The unit has a BB magazine that lifts away, soft comfort grips, and a CO2 power pack.

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