Hunting Tips - How to Eliminate Your Human Scent

By John J King

The experienced hunters know that the terrain changes from heavy winters or rain or from heavy growth that my be a factor in what area that you will go to when seeking that deer.

Another key factor is knowing your weapon of choice that your going to hunt with. Make sure you feel comfortable with that weapon and that you've shot it more than one time at a shooting range. Shoot at least 100 rounds through it if you're a beginner or for the experienced to get back into shooting that rifle that's been sitting in that gun cabinet all year long. You know who you are! Also, site your scope, there's many times people go out and start shooting that deer and the scope is off and all they see is the rear of the deer running away from them because they're scope was not sited in.

As the saying goes "Patience is a virture" You've scouted the area, your pretty good at shooting your weapon the scope is sited in now is the time to get to a spot and wait for them. Get yourself into a comfortable spot because this is where the patience comes in. You may need to be sitting for 30 minutes, an hour or two hours. You've done your scouting so you know that they come through that area so it's a key factor to be very patient. That's all you need is to get up and wander off as a group of deer hear you and high tail out of there and you missed that opportunity.

There's also another technique to attract the deer your way, it's a technique that even the experienced have a hard time with. That's scenting yourself with the estrous scent of a doe when being in the rut. Perfecting this can get you that deer you want or it can get you nothing. The key is to know what to put on and how much. The deer are the bloodhounds of the forest and they have a great sense of smell so using too much can be an overkill. In this case, little is better. So if you prefer using this technique I suggest you to learn more about it before bringing bottle on a hunting trip and dosing it on like your going to some high school prom for the first time.

Just remember that your not going to be the only hunter out there so make sure you plan out your hunt. The area that you may want to hunt is infested with other hunters and an alternate needs to be put in place. Always have a backup area or two to be safe because all you need is other hunters ruining your chances out of shooting that deer you've worked for. Be prepared of the unexpected. Make a checklist before you start heading out making sure you have enough ammo all the equipment needed once a deer is shot.

One other thing is to make sure your equipment is up to par, look over your equipment. I know over time the equipment may get thrown around, drove over or just worn out from just normal age. Make sure that if a key piece of your equipment needs replaced do so. That's all you need is something you need is not working or bent or broken and your sitting out in the woods cursing because that certain piece of equipment fails you. Not good!

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