Purchasing the Right Utility Vehicle

By Curtis Turow

A Roswell ATV likely has many various uses than a UTV or RTV. When you are ready to buy one of those all-terrain vehicles, it can be helpful to understand the best uses for each and how they differ from one another. It helps to buy from a dealer that understands the vehicles they are selling, and that has years of experience in matching shoppers with the right sort of gear.


ATV is the term used for an All-Terrain Vehicle. These are also often called a four-wheeler and quad. They're off road, and never supposed to be driven on roads or highways. A standard look for a basic ATV is kind of like a little dune buggy built for one without a windscreen, though the term applies to any type of four-wheel, off road vehicle. They're often used for sheer recreation or racing. Four-wheel ATVs are also commonly utilized for working.

The chief difference between an ATV and a UTV or an RTV is the design, which is purpose-driven. A basic ATV commonly carries only the driver, while UTVs/RTVs can generally handle a passenger, also. There's typically storage for hauling things in the storage area instead of just in a pull-behind trailer or other attachment, making them true multi-purpose tools.

Your Roswell Kubota RTV

It's also usually more possible to customize a UTV or RTV than an ATV. Your vehicle may be something you use for thrills , but also for hauling, hunting or any quantity of other jobs. Attachments and changes can be made to customize and fit it out to meet your wishes. Hauling space and towing capability are a couple of the most useful features, and these are usually available in a range of capacities.

If you're looking for a regular utility vehicle to meet a very explicit requirement, New Mexico Machinery offers several different types to help you out. Some of the features available in these machines may well surprise you if you are more familiar with the one-person, open ATVs.

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