Targeting Big Stripers at the Cape Cod Canal

By Captain Ryan Collins

Fishing the Cape Cod Canal at night is truly a interesting and sometimes downright creepy experience. There is no absence of unusual characters, wildlife and peculiar noises down the rip-rap in the evening. Yet if you are seeking to dramatically raise your chances of taking a tremendous striper fishing from shore, then hitting up the Cape Cod Canal at nighttime may well indeed be right up your alley.

The night time angling in the Canal really starts to produce with the entrance of the initial 20 pound plus bass. Frequently by Memorial Day massive fish have settled throughout the Canal-this is when the night time fishing actually starts to flip on. At this point of the year, nighttime excursions are usually hit or miss proposition as large masses of bass progress in the Canal right into Cape Cod Bay. Basically, you might nail bass one trip and then not even generate a take the following night. When the next wave of sizable bass streams in by way of Buzzard's Bay the after dark fishing switches on again.

By July the night time bite will become far more consistent. The bulk of the bass base has settled firmly into their summer time haunts, which usually makes Cape Cod Canal fishing a touch less hit and miss. It's quite feasible to catch large stripers each night of the week, if of course you can focus on the best Canal fishing spots.

Almost all of the striped bass that happen to be captured in the evening are hooked on bait, jigs and subsurface lures. Cruising down and up the service road, hunting for busting striped bass is of course not a possibility. A knowledge of the productive tides and locations is considerably more critical when fishing the Cape Cod Canal after dark then when fishing during the day.

The vast majority of large stripers taken at night are taken out of holes, rips and close to pieces of structure. Fishing these locations will greatly enhance your likelihood of tying into a keeper sized striped bass.

Presenting jigs along the bottom in these locations, or swimming a lure or eel through a rip is a surefire method to catch the attention of a impressive striped bass. Countless Cape Cod Canal veterans choose to use artificial offerings when the tide is running, then turn to live or chunk bait during slack. Several of the best striped bass ever captured in the Canal have been hooked on a piece of bait fished on the bottom during the course of a nighttime hours slack tide.

Subject to what the bass decide to do, autumn at the Cape Cod Canal could be either outstanding or discouraging. If a bio mass of bass chooses to swim through the Cape Cod Canal during their migration south, then the fishing at the Canal will be excellent. Yet if the primary body of stripers decides to migrate around the Outer Cape on their southbound trek, then Cape Cod Canal fishermen will be out of luck.

However even during slow years fishing the Cape Cod Canal at night for striped bass during the fall can produce many significant striped bass. As always, concentrating on fishing the right Cape Cod Canal fishing spots during the best tide is the most important component for Cape Cod Canal striped bass fishing. success.

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