A Top Quality Surfing Fishing Tackle

By Jerome Kid

Who wouldn't smile at the vision of a fisherman calmly casting his lines towards a picturesque river or beach amidst a beautiful backdrop of nature. The vision of a man with his fishing tackle is more than enough to be preserved on postcards and pictures.

Despite how relaxing and calming this scene is, unfortunately, fishing is not a hobby which should be taken lightly. This activity's success is based from the abilities of the angler and his fishing tackle used. The Fox Horizon Surf Rod is a fishing equipment created to help and complement those who are serious of this activity.

This fishing tackle possesses an advanced design of a five-meter long modulus carbon fiber rod for reliability and stability. With its modem European design integrated with factors from the older designs, the design of this model is an improvement from the average standard European rod configurations. One example of this model's features is its Horizon rod which is tapered and offers stability when used on strong waves and high winds. A casting distance reach of 200 yards is also allowed by its design. Moreover, this model's rod design is specifically created to be used with monofilament lines which weigh twenty to sixty pounds and low diameter braids up to 0.06mm. All these features enables the rod to be easy to use and highly capable of detecting bites even though it has extended casting capabilities.

The Horizon Surf Rod fishing tackle can be collapsed into three sections for easier transport despite of its normal length of sixteen feet and five inches. The individual sections of the rods are ensured to be kept safely in place all the time especially during times when there is a bait at the end of the line with the help of its banded spigots. This rod can handle a casting weight that is between four to six ounces and it has a tip topped with a shiny spiral tape and bright orange color which helps in increasing its bite capacity.

The length of this fishing tackle has SLIK Hialoy low profile rings placed on paint textures on the rods joint sides and it is also patented . Safety and security against possible accidents while casting the bait is prevented with the rod's enhanced grip design. It also has a Side Lock screw reel which also makes the reel to be easily detached at any part of the rod. Top and bottom screw regulators can be found on the reel and the rod which keeps them safely in place while its rod butt portion are equipped with solid allow and rubber butt caps that makes this gear easy to handle even when used in wet conditions.

The name of the company who invented this amazing surf fishing tackle is United Kingdom's Fox International which is located in Essex. The CEO of the company, Cliff Fox, first released an angling tool in the form of a measuring stick which helps identify the size limits of fish caught in the year 1967. From then on, the company has decided to expand its products offered and created equipments like the Fox Horizon Surf Rod.

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