What Sets Montane Jackets Apart from the Rest

By Yvonne Bada

The UK is an amazing place for hikers. There's so much great walking country on your doorstep, with brilliant access across massive tracts of land, great views, and some real challenges for people that like to battle the elements too. When you're doing some serious hiking you need a serious jacket to back you up, and in this respect we're also lucky to have some of the best outdoor clothes manufacturers in the world retailing at reasonable prices. Montance are one of the brands that seem to be winning all the awards at the moment, so what are their jackets all about?

The innovations in Montane wear are of the best kind: they seem simple and obvious in some ways, and yet their execution is genius. Take the Sabre Tooth jacket as an example (incidentally this had won top walking jacket pretty much across the board recently). They don't overload you with pockets to try to appeal to the rambler in you, and instead have just what you need, where you need it. There are two map-sized compartments in the front, with long toggles for easily handling even in thick gloves. In addition they have two hand warming pockets with extra insulation. On the hood of the jacket you have a 'helmet' design, which means that a lightweight wire folds down as a visor and fixes the hood firmly in place, even in high wind.

If you're more of a light traveller, or even a fell runner, you might be interested in the Hyena. This jacket has the POLARTEC Power Shield that makes so many of Montane's products durable against the elements, but it's also really breathable too. That means you can actually run in it instead of carrying it in your hands half the time, and it washes easy too, which comes in very handy.

There are lots more jackets to go at, ranging up to the Jackal design, with ice climb suitable layers of insulation, and a hood that almost completely swallows you head. The wonder material this time is TACTEL Dynamic, which lines the inside for a super warm fit.

So if you're thinking of looking for new jackets, this is a very serious brand to watch out for. You only need try one on to notice the difference in quality.

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