The Greatest of All Carp Fishing Tackle

By Allan Staw

Shakespeare is one name that is often not associated with fishing tackle or fishing. The Old Bard is often related to stage plays and quotable quotes. This stereotype, however, did not stop the makers of the Cyprv Freespool Carp Reel to create quality carp fishing tackle line under this name.

Catching the regale carp is the primary goal of the design of the Cyprv Freespool Carp Reel . This rod is durable and versatile with its one way clutch system with two handles, one of which is machine cut and the other doubled. There are two aluminum spools that are included in the purchase package for these two handles. For taut line and struggling fish at the end of the lure, these spools come with micro-adjustable freespool functions, rendering it to be very effective and versatile in the water. To make the rod more stable when used during stressful situations, its spool design is also included with a large line roller.

This carp fishing tackle has an aerodynamic spool design that has five ball bearings that create a smooth and effortless line retrieval system. Incorporated in the overall design are also two aluminum spools. The package is an engineering marvel in itself, reflecting the top engineering quality that Cyprv only provides to its clientele. It has a gear ratio of 5.6:1 with a line capacity of 230 meters of the 15-pound line. This factor together with the engineering design makes this reel one of the best ones in the market today.

This reel provides the best advantage and experience to the carp angler. The carp is considered as one of the most hardest fish to catch because of its stubborn fighting on the line. This type of fish can even survive in hard conditioned areas due to its versatility and high ability to adapt. This fish, therefore, resist a lot whenever they are hooked on the lure and they also have a capacity of avoiding getting hooked. For this fish to be sucessfully caught, one needs to use a very efficient fishing line like the Shakespeare Cyprv Freespool Carp Reel.

When purchasing this carp fishing tackle, it is important to understand that it comes in a package. Not all the components in the package need to be used right away in one sitting. The inventory supplied in this package includes two handles, each one designed for particular purposes in the water. The spools included are the spare and original, with the other one acting as a replacement when problems arise during the carp fishing. All these spares and other inclusions are easy to attach and replace on the reel system so it does not require too much maintenance like other reels. Truly, the Shakespeare Cyprv Freespool Carp Reel is here to make your fishing expeditions amongst the best and most productive times of your life.

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