Pogo Stick Walking

By Lee Young

Getting pretty bored just jumping up and back down on your pogo stick? Well then, maybe it's time you try moving in multiple directions on your stick, not only bouncing in the same place over and over again. Here are 1 or 2 proposals when attempting to learn how to walk your pogo stick alongside precautionary thoughts to lead you on the way.

So you've witnessed the guy down the court not only hop on his pogo stick but really use it to wander considerable distances. He moves up and around his driveway and even entertained in the community parade last year, all the while jumping around on his pogo stick. You , however , were still using that age-old bike of yours (cutely adorned with ribbons and a deck of playing cards), looking like your five year old cousin.

Well, that was last year. This year's parade will be different and you will be first in line, riding your brand new pogo stick!

Let's see how. First, take it nice and slow. Remember that before you can master a tabletop, barspin, or no-hander on your pogo stick, you must begin by practicing how to walk your stick, working on your centering and balance. Some prefer to call it walking the stick, others just say traveling. Moving your pogo stick in a forward direction truly only involves re-centering your weight. You must hop, re-center when in mid-stride, and reestablish balance again. Work on this continually. You can go from forwards and backwards or side to side. Remember, the key is balance and re-centering. You do not have to go too high on the stick; start out with tiny hops and work your way up to larger steps. Practice this over and over again. Stay in a safe spot - your driveway might work well - before heading out to the open road.

Next year you'll be a star in the parade!

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