Fly Fishing

By Andy Craven

Go back in time and you will find fly fishing. 100's of years ago people fished for food and as time went by it became a sport and like most sports people became more skilled. Fly fishing is addictive for that very reason. It takes skill.

There are many forms of fishing but fly fishing stands alone for many reasons. Firstly, they use baits and lures to entice a fish but in fly fishing you will need to imitate the action of a real fly to be any good. For that reason we use longer lines, which allows us to imitate the movement of a real fly.

The cast is also very different. Fly fishing uses a constant cast, which you then pull back numerous time imitating a real fly on the water. If you are fishing for carp you cast and allow the bait to rest then waiting for the fish to take your bait.

Both methods can reap large rewards but fly fishing forces you to think as fish thinks and this can be very rewarding as it is man versus nature!

Fly fishing flies are made from natural materials while other forms of fishing use man made plastics and rubber. Your seasoned fly angler would tell you that the fish are much more likely to go for a naturally made bait and hence why they love it so much.

Of course with other forms of fishing you can simply visit your local pond or river but when fly fishing you will get the best results by traveling to the place where fish such as walleye, bass and trout live. Then it is your job to fool the fish in to believing your fly is real!

There are some wonderful places to fly fish and frankly they are all over the World. Canada, Alaska, South America, Russia and even Mexico. You have to admit that beats your local pond every time, wouldn't you say?

Just as people have been known to say Chess is the "Sport of Kings" fishermen will argue that fly fishing should be held in the same regard as it takes so much skill, patience and finesse to master. Try it, you'll be hooked! I know, I'm sorry!

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