For A Vacation You Will Never Forget Try Fishing Charters In Destin FL

By Cheri Knowles

Humankind has been harvesting the seas for food throughout history. While few depend on this practice for sustenance on a daily basis, many continue the practice voluntarily for sport. As fishing charters in Destin FL demonstrate, thrills are plentiful out at sea.

The experienced angler knows that for the greatest challenge and the most fun, salt water is the venue of choice. While there are plenty of big freshwater fish, the sea creatures are the most challenging. They have a vast area in which to hide, and nothing to limit their size.

The giants of freshwater, the likes of catfish and alligator gars, certainly represent a difficult fight, but they lack the energy of open seas. Even finding the creatures is more difficulty given the tides, swells and currents. There are also a much wider range of species.

In the ocean, there is really nothing to limit the size a creature can attain, as whales and giant squid attest. Even those creatures not necessarily the largest can get pretty big. Marlin and tuna are but two species that demonstrate that given enough sustenance, things can get very big.

The beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico have had their problems in the last decade, especially lately. Fortunately, the power of nature has allowed for an incredible recovery. Not only are the seas remarkably beautiful once again, the sea life has rebounded in a big way.

Tarpon are renowned for their incredible fight, and at sizes larger than a man, it is easy to see why. They are challenging fish to hook, but once they are hooked on line, hang on for one wild ride. This is but one of the experiences one can have with charter fishing in Destin FL.

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