Jumping Jack Trailers For Individuals

By Flora Vinson

American made Jumping Jack trailers are able to accommodate various camping equipment, for the lovers of the outdoors. These vehicles provide the inhabitant with quality living facilities, including a good sized living area. This vehicle is suitable for all terrain sporting activity, which include hunting. This is also for campers. The company has featured their product with pop up tents. These tents enable tent set up to be done in minutes.

One of the decks transports motorcycles. Up to six people can sleep in the trailer. Wheels with a fifteen inch height support the transportation device. The deck, which is manufactured from wood, has been sealed with water. The water sealing means that the deck is durable. When needed, the deck can be replaced.

The vehicle is finished with a protective coat that resists wear and tear from the environment. To provide assistance with entering the vehicle, side steps are available. The vehicles are claimed to provide a smoother ride.

These vehicles come with a variety of accessories to suit outdoor needs. There is a rack for water storage. This product is mounted on the external frame of the trailer. The rack is featured with a water storage product that can hold up to seven gallons of water. Steel is used to manufacture the rack.

The kitchenette top is another additional product. The cooling rack is turned into this product using a tool. The top is meant to be attached to the water storage facility. This promotes conveniently practiced hygiene as well as enables the convenient preparation of food. This top is mountable on the preferred side of the vehicle.

The tank which is fuelled by propane is another accessory. This product is mounted on the tongue attachment of the vehicle. These are some of their products. Jumping Jack Trailers enhance the fun behind game hunting as well as camping expeditions.

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