Looking At The Best Options for Saiga 223 Mags

By Trevor Lang

If you own a Saiga .223 you're probably wondering what type of options you have so far as mags go. There are dozens of firms and many options to choose from, though some are made better than others. There are a few manufacturers that stand out for manufacturing top of the range Saiga magazines, including Surefire and Tapco. Here's a fast top level view of the options that are available.

The options you have available fall under 2 main categories: milspec or surplus mags and commercial mags. Milspec magazines were produced for army use and, unfortunately, there is not a real way to figure out if the magazine you buy will fit your Saiga or any other .223 AK. This is due to the fact that there was never a standardization made for .223 magazines. Surplus magazines will always require a bullet guide to use with your Saiga 223 and the supply is drying up. Still, if you find a surplus magazine that works on your Saiga it will outlast and perform better than any commercial mag on the market.

The Bulgarian factory 10 polymer mags are regarded as the best surplus mags and are made generally from polymer with a steel skeleton. They outperform and outlast other magazines and fit pretty well with the Saiga. The East German Weiger magazines are also a good option and work well, but may require a little bit of extra fitting initially.

Romanian copies of these mags aren't finished as well although they do work fine. The Israeli poly Galil magazines, also known as Galil Orlites, fit on the Saiga without any alteration needed but they do require a bullet guide. The Israeli steel Galil magazines , however , require a large amount of fitting unlike the poly version.

Commercial magazines are lower quality than milspec mags and won't hold up to extraordinary temperatures or getting dropped a lot. Some are even available that do not need the addition of a bullet guide, which makes the installation far easier. Brands to avoid include Nationwide Magazine and Pro-Mag. The Tapco and Guaranteed are the most well-liked magazine brands utilized by Saiga enthusiasts. The Tapco comes in a dedicated 223 model or a Galil model, while a Saiga version of the Surefire mag encompasses a in-built feed ramp like factory mags.

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