People Who Should Sign Up For Wilderness Survival Training

By Flora Vinson

There are several reasons that a person might want to sign up for wilderness survival training. One is that they are being safe before going into a situation where they might need the skills. Another is that they are curious, and want to learn more about it. A third is that some outside body or person requires it of them.

Ideally, everyone who went to hike in the woods would have taken these courses. However, most people do not want to invest the time or money required unless they feel that there is a risk they might need it. Even then, far too many people do not take the precaution of learning these vital skills, as mountain rescue groups can attest.

At the very least, anyone who is planning to go backpacking, climbing, or on long hikes in remote regions should have some kind of appropriate course in the subject. Most people who need rescues are in over their head and didn't know when to turn back, so important information to learn includes major danger signs that indicate you should give up and try again later.

Book and classroom-based courses present basic information that can be very useful. They encourage reading up on the topic, provide basic first aid information and may cover things like how to build an emergency shelter and find water, as well as what to do if you get lost. Some focus on the needs of a particular group, such as climbers, bikers, or cyclists.

There are also the practical sort of courses out there. These typically start with classroom training, but progress to the point where students are left to fend for themselves, at least in a limited capacity. They put their knowledge of living off the land to use, and get to test out the things that they have learned in the classroom first-hand.

People who enjoy the outdoors and a challenge sometimes take these classes for fun. Others take them because they are preparing to embark upon a trip where they might need these skills. Whatever your reason, Wilderness Survival Training can help you in an emergency.

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