Bonefishing Delivers An Angling Experience Envied Around The Globe

By Paulette Hart

Bonefishing Key West is an experience many anglers dream about and few ever forget. The species has made the Florida Keys an angling destination. They might be a relatively small fish, but they are smart, fast, agile and tenacious fighters. These quality make them great sport.

Bonefish have few natural predators since they have sharp senses, great agility and a slender body built for speed. They are lightening quick winning for them the deserved nickname of grey ghost. Since they have only a small number of natural predators, bonefish tend to be abundant.

Bonefish are very distinctive in their appearance. Their silver grey body color is highlighted by a dark green or blue back and similarly dark fins. They have faint cross bands that run the length of their lateral line. They are mainly a catch-and-release species.

Although the species can be found in many parts of the globe, include southern Australia, it is most prolific in warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In the Florida Keys, specimens grow up to five kilos (or 12 pounds). They feed in the large fields of turtle grass in water less than a meter (or three feet) deep.

Anglers tend to prefer using large arbor reels for these fish. Sight casting is common, either wading or from a skiff. Live shrimp is the preferred bait. Bonefish can be found in the Keys all year round in the Keys, but peak season runs from the fall up to November.

The peak season for bonefishing key west extends from August into November, but the species is active around the Keys all year. Anglers can fish from a skiff or wade, depending mainly on their preference. A local guide can advise on all these matters.

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