Burton Snowboards E.S.T.

By Sophia Surk

Burton Snowboards showed us some goodies that were released in the 2008 season. The thing that lifts probably the most dust is the new E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface.

E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface

Riders that already tested E.S.T. are the Burton Global Team Riders. Jeremy Jones had this to convey regarding the new system "I rode E.S.T. up at Mt. Hood, and it was killer, the set up was easy, adjustments were brainless...I'm stoked! I was hyped, and my feet stayed comfortable as well. It is strong, it is functional and it is what everyone is gonna want."

What Precisely is E.S.T. binding system?

E.S.T. snowboard-to-binding interface is actually a new technology that totally changes the way bindings are mounted on snowboards. E.S.T. presents the riders a limitless stance options. Good board feel, cushioning and stance versatility is what we prefer to hear. The secret is in the new SensoryBED, that is an alternative for the old rigid baseplate which is usually found on traditional bindings. SensoryBED is actually a super cushioned, removable platform that transmits a lot more info up to your boots and absorbs absorbing impacts and vibrations from the ground before they ever reach your body.

The specially created E.S.T. binding mounts exclusively to the X8, Stria, Jeremy Jones and un..inc 2008 Burton snowboards. A retro-compatible E.S.T. disk is also available, allowing riders to appreciate the advantages of unlimited stance adjustability with any Burton binding.

Limitless stance options?

So how do you set your stance angles with E.S.T., the system that was under top-secret development for the last 3 years? The E.S.T. interface between the snowboard and the bindings in entirely different. The binding skips the traditional hole patterns fully. Instead, the E.S.T bindings fits into a channel that frees the board from earlier three degree angle limitations. With just a pull of a cord you may adjust your stance angles, setback and width without even stepping out of the binding. No tools necessary.

At times like these also people in charge of Burton Snowboards get their say. Scott Barbieri, VP of Burton Hardgoods: "At Burton snowboards, we normally listen to our riders and do our best to bring their ideas to life on the hill. All of this new technology is the result of rider feedback and years of study, testing and development. With additional R&D resources than anyone out there, we are pleased to bring snowboarders new, breakthrough technology that will make their day on the hill extra fun than ever."

If you are persuaded and you are looking for Burton E.S.T. Snowboard Bindings you could get them here!

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