Fishing Charters A Priority For Most Anglers

By Tommie Newman

Anglers around the world recognize that Key West fishing charters have iconic status. They come to the Keys because sun, water, and fish are all in long supply throughout the year. Importantly, the colorful cast of locals adds to the experience since they always have interesting stories to help idle away the hours.

Key West is a tiny island, only four miles long and two miles wide. Its development has always been shaped by its strategic location. It is at the southernmost tip of Florida and, importantly, has a deep water harbor that can provide shelter for large ships even in foul weather. The island lies at the junction where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shallower Gulf of Mexico.

Key West has a rich and varied history. The island has served as a home both for pirates and US Navy. It has been a base for turtle canning, sponging and shrimping. Today tourism and angling are two of its main activities. Angling at the Keys is suitable for all enthusiasts including professionals, seasoned amateurs, serious hobby fishers as well as kids.

The island is one of the southernmost points of Florida. Its original inhabitants were the Calusa people. They lived on the island for many centuries prior to the arrival of the first European, being the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon who arrived in 1521.

One issue worth noting is that the snail-like species known as conch are closely regulated. Diving for them, or even picking them up from the sea bed, is not allowed without having first been issued a permit. Conch is a term used by locals to refer to those that have been born in Key West.

Given the picturesque natural beauty and laid-back local life-style and colorful nightlife, key west fishing charters are a prime angling experience. Local charter companies and angling guides work hard to ensure all guests take home unforgettable memories. Many visitors keep coming back for more.

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