How To Survive In the Wilderness: Backpacker Survival Tips

By Nick Bucek

If you are careful in your planning, backpacking may never become a matter of wilderness survival for you. Nevertheless, losing your way or twisting an ankle joint far away from any route is always a risk. Whatever the case, learning a few interesting things every once in awhile is a great way to make your trips safer and more fascinating. Having said that, below are a few random survival strategies and skills in line with my own practical experience.

Syrup is made in late winter and early spring from both maple and birch trees, but it is too much effort to produce in a wilderness survival situation. However, you can get a couple hundred calories per day by just drinking maple or birch sap. Collecting it can be as easy as snapping off the ends of twigs and putting something underneath to catch the dripping sap. I've collected a quart per day for several days from one cut branch.

Regarding cooking, I've cooked in containers created from birch bark. There are two main approaches. One is to drop fire-heated rocks straight into the liquid until boiling point. The other is to use the pot right over the fire. If the fire doesn't go higher than the level of the liquid, the pot birch bark pot won't burn up given that the heat is conducted away immediately by the liquid inside.

Merely filling up your light jacket packed with dried grass can essentially make it into a winter coat. It is much better if you have an additional jacket such as your raincoat, so its possible to put the grass or leaves between the two. Typically, it will be more sound to look for solutions to alter what you already have instead of try to come up with survival clothing.

There are actually an abundance of little steps that can make wilderness travel exciting and less risky. Although you may not be enthusiastic about practicing survival strategies, perhaps you should at least read one or two survival tips from time to time. At some point, you may remember a thing that can save your life.

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