Lake Fishing Guide And Tips

By Thelma Kent

Santee Cooper Lake fishing has drawn in anglers from South Carolina and all over the map since as far back as 1942. The Moultrie and Marion lakes were created and connected with a 6.5m canal between them. Both water bodies are open all 12 months for fishing because they do not freeze in the winter.

Large numbers of very big catfish can be reeled in throughout the year. Depending on the season, bream and bass can also be hauled in like there's no tomorrow. The Santee Cooper lake system holds a bunch of records at the state and world level for bass and channel catfish.

The connected waters coursing through the rivers, lakes and canal provides boats with a large and diverse area to explore and find the sweet spots where the fish are plentiful. Moultrie has depth and width, reaching 14 miles across at some points and allowing for a clean flow. Marion is messier and shallow, with live and rooted cypress trees mingling in with stumps and a lot of dead trunks that have been left standing.

Spring is the prime season, but the best time and location varies depending on the choice of fish. April end and May are the best time for bream, with fly-fishing as the recommended course of action. Blue and channel catfish can be found in plenty from April to October. During the fall, largemouth bass and crappies can be found in the shallow waters and cypress trees of Marion.

Striped bass can also be hooked more easily in the fall when they venture to the surface chasing the shad. It's easier because the shad also attract a lot of seagulls. Find a crowd of noisy gulls milling on the surface, and there's bound to be some stripers beneath which should be caught quickly before the window of opportunity disappears.

A seven day freshwater santee cooper lake fishing license can be purchased for $11. A salt water license will cost another $11. Different types of boats from large 30 feet tritoons to smaller pontoons and fiberglass boats can be rented, and the boat captain will normally be good enough to guide guests on board towards a satisfying and successful angling trip.

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