Tarpon Guides Know Where And When To Fish

By Melody Klein

Key West flats fishing is legendary and iconic. Pristine, azure waters with balmy sunshine and bountiful fish make fr a heady combination. Sports fish enthusiast travel from all corners of the USA and from overseas to fish the mighty trinity of bonefish, permit and the mighty tarpon. Wind, tide and current all can influence where these fish position themselves. Local knowledge is critical. Key West tarpon guides can help you make the all-important decision of where and when to fish.

The species is widely known by the nickname of silver king . They grow to a big size. In the Florida Keys, specimens as large as 30 kilograms are regularly caught. Some grow to about 90 kilograms, that is, the size of a man. The Keys sit along their migration route. Peak season for the species runs from April to early July.

The shallow water, sandy flats are the natural habitat for this species. It is big, fast, and spirited fighter. They are always a challenge, even for the most experienced anglers. Depending largely on the color of the water, an olive and black fly pattern tends to work well.

One important point to remember about the species is that it will not swim far for food. It is essential to cast the fly to the fish and to make sure it sees the food.

There are several methods used widely for fishing silver king in the Keys. Ultimately, the method an angler chooses to use will depend mainly on personal preference or style. All the common methods can be successful.

In conclusion, fly fishing the inshore saltwater flats around the Keys is addictive. Once you land your first catch, you will never want to stop. key west tarpon guides can help turn your fishing trip into an unforgettable adventure you will talk about for a lifetime.

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