Yamaha Lift Kits For ATV

By Thelma Kent

Extreme sports fans appreciate a well honed all terrain vehicle. An ATV promises an exciting ride over the roughest ground conditions, handling loose sand as well as it does the swampy marshes. The excitement of the ride can be enhanced even more by installing Yamaha lift kits to give the bike a boost.

Stability and handling are improved by the installation of one of these kits. Performance is maximized. Instructions and all the necessary components are included for convenience and no frustration. There are no power tools or machines required as the installation is designed to be quick and easy with nothing more than simple every day hand tools.

An ATV is not meant to be petted and coddled. It is designed to be ridden hard and rough. That means going through some pretty threatening natural corrosives like mud and swamp water that could do damage to ordinary metals. The parts in these kits are all zinc plated then finished in a powder coating that makes them resistant to elements that would otherwise spoil the fun with rust.

After the installation is completed, ground clearance will be increased by up to two whole inches. The distance between the tires and the fenders is also expanded, allowing for larger tires to be installed. Bigger tires amounts to more aggressive off-road adventures.

Installing the lifts and then adding larger tires may increase the height of the ATV by up to four inches. The front A-arms are going to be lowered by the installation as well. It should be noted that when any type of lift is added to the ride, the angle of the CV joints will be increased by a slight margin which may increase wear and tear as well as the need for more frequent maintenance.

When looking to add a little flair and excitement to an all terrain vehicle, Yamaha lift kits can add inches of clearance in minutes. Performance is improved and excitement is heightened. Easy installation makes this an easy fix anyone can perform and have their bike ready to ride in no time.

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