Chamois Cream Helps Protect A Bicyclist's Vulnerable Parts

By Morena Asuncion

Riding your bicycle for hours makes you prone to saddle sores. They start off as irritating abrasions and may end up getting infected. The use of chamois cream is a preventive solution so your bike riding won't be compromised.

It's a topical ointment that is thick enough to help reduce the root cause of this painful problem: friction. Riding causes certain points of your skin to rub against your cycling shorts. After some time, abrasions show up. They are red and painful at first which eventually turn into pimple-like formations.

The problem doesn't end there. Sweat harbors bacterial growth. When they get to these abrasions, infection ensues. You don't want that to happen as having them around while riding isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world. So the best way to keep this issue from wreaking havoc to your sport or leisure pursuit is to prevent friction down there.

Friction can be reduced or prevented because of the product's thickness. Its application is definitely a must especially if you know you are taking a ride for extended periods of time. It acts as a biker's first line of defense against those saddle sores.

Basically, shopping for one mostly relies on one's preference. However, it will help a lot if the product is able to maintain its consistency even with the presence of sweat or water. If it easily breaks down, consider your sensitive areas as being in danger. Some brands come with antibacterial ingredients. In case abrasions are already around, they can help minimize the risk for an infection. There are also those with cooling effects to make the experience a comfortable one.

It's not enough that you have a well-fitting saddle or cycling shorts. Riding for a long time calls for the application of chamois cream. By keeping friction down there to a minimum, sores don't have to show up where they are unwelcome.

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