Inland Sea And Bay Fishing Map

By Freida Lamb

The Port Phillip Bay fishing map probably rates as one of the best waterfront recreational areas in Australia. Anglers get to choose from a variety of piers and marinas along 164 miles of Victoria coast that locks in this huge water body. This includes St Kilda and other parts of Inner Melbourne, Werribee South, Altona, Mornington, Rosebud and Sorrento, among others.

Despite its impressive size, the waters are quite shallow in most parts. The maximum depth of the water is about 79 feet. Over half of it reaches down to only around 26 feet, which is still very much navigable.

Port Phillip's claim to fame is the crimson tide. The annual snapper migration is the most famed fish migration in Australia. Snappers can be caught throughout the year, but thousands of them start showing up for the migration. The really big ones hide in deeper waters but can be caught more easily from October through the end of the year.

They move towards deep water during the day, and head for shallow areas near the shore at night. An armada of fishing boats follows the snapper migration from Mornington and all over the eastern seaboard. Within no time, they will be swarming the Melbourne coast and choking the piers and marinas at Altona and St Kilda, and then Curio Bay's outer harbor.

There are plenty of other fish too, including whiting, flatheads, bream, garfish and squid. The whiting move in schools, so it is possible to harvest a bounty in the right spot. The famed King George whiting and Australian salmon can be found all along the coast in shallow waters. It is possible to catch them from both land and on boats.

As the reefs change, so do the best places to fish on the port phillip bay fishing map. However, past history suggests a few sweet spots that are always a good bet. Those looking for a record shattering snapper may do well at the Ansetts reef in Mornington, and those who want to fill the boat during November may want to head for Williamstown.

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