Local Santee Cooper Fishing Guides Provide Helpful Tips And Knowledge

By Kelli Evans

Santee Cooper is a well-known fishing destination in South Carolina centered around the town of Santee as well as Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. These fishing lakes were created between the years of 1939 to 1942 for a hydroelectricity project managed by the South Carolina Public Service Authority. Anglers in the area typically target catfish, stripers, bass, crappie and bream. Local Santee Cooper fishing guides tend to specialize in one or few of these species. A guide can be very helpful to visiting anglers, providing them with deep local knowledge and useful tips.

The area name reflects two river systems that were connected by the original electricity scheme. The area covers the five counties of Calhoun, Berkeley, Clarendon, Sumter and Orangeburg. The name also refers to the state electricity and water utility.

Lake Marion is the biggest of the two lakes with an area of about 111,000 acres. By comparison, Lake Moultrie has a surface area of about 60,000 acres. The two lakes are connected by a canal built to allow water diversion.

The lakes have held a number of world angling records. These include the largest Channel Catfish (58 lbs), the largest Striped Bass (55 lbs) and the largest Arkansas Blue (109.4 lbs).

The two lakes make for exciting fishing because they have a big range of habitats including black water ponds, shallow swamps and large open waters with many underwater structures that promote marine life. For example, Lake Marion has thousands of tree stumps and exposed dead tree trunks as well as many live trees fringing its shores.

In conclusion, the lakes offer year round angling since they do not ice over in winter. When selecting a santee cooper fishing guides, it is important to check that he or she is registered with the US coast guard. This registration system is designed to protect consumers. Also, all anglers, including non-residents, are required to hold a valid angling license.

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