Maximizing The Fun Of Santee Cooper Fishing

By Freida Lamb

Santee Cooper fishing is not an alien name to the fish fanatics. The year-round fish catching experience in the waters of two great fishing lakes of Santee Cooper, Moultrie and Marion, makes it very attractive. These lakes offer a fine fish catching experience with the variety of fishes available.

Both of these lakes were created in 1939 for the Santee Cooper, a hydroelectric project initiated by South Carolina authorities. Now these lakes have become an ideal place to fish and house fishes like bream, catfish, striped bass, largemouth bass, white crappie, and white bass. Catfish and striped bass are popular among those coming to the area.

The water of these lakes does not turn into ice in winters and allows for fish catching throughout the year. The most popular activity here is catfishing. Catfishing is popular because of occasional large catches of catfish. There are also some stories, though largely unfounded, of monster catfish lurking in the waters.

If you want to enjoy the fun of fish catching in the waters of the lakes, you need to take certain steps. First of all, you need to obtain the fish catching license for non-residents, if you live outside the area. Then arrange the equipment and book a fishing boat.

Some private guide services have been started to assist people who are doing fish catching in the lakes. Though optional, these services are very useful for those who are new to the area. Such services can be booked from the websites of the guide services.

You need to be careful and mindful about the santee cooper fishing experience of the guides. The details of such experience can easily be observed from their websites. You can also compare the charges of different services through the Internet. Their websites also provide information about the equipment they have available.

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