Selecting The Optimal Largemouth Bass Lures

By Elinor Tran

Selecting the optimal largemouth bass lures can take time. Trail and error may be needed until you find the one that works best. Flexibility is recommended because what works one day might not work as well the next. Anglers need to adapt their choices to changing water and weather conditions.

Lures come in so many different varieties, colors and sizes that it can be a bit overwhelming for the novice angler. In order to be effective the lures should be used in a way that is consistent with fish feeding patterns. This means anglers may need to do their research on the feeding patterns and lake topography of their area to make the best selection.

When water temperatures are cool in the early spring or late fall, top-water baits work well. Poppers and plugs are the most used top-water varieties. Hang on to your pole, because bass can hit these baits with surprising strength and ferocity. This makes them particularly fun for fishermen to use as they create exciting surface action.

Mid-water baits such as spinners, crank baits, spoons and streamers are also proven fish catchers. Crank baits have a depressed lip that causes the lure to descend periodically in the water like a real fish would. Spinners try to imitate an injured minnow and can be cast and reeled at relatively fast speeds.

During the summer when water temperatures rise above eighty degrees, anglers usually choose to fish deeper water where the fish congregate. Fishing becomes more difficult in mid-summer but many anglers find that jigging spoons enhanced with pork rinds will entice the otherwise sluggish fish to strike.

Fisherman also argue about what color to select, but studies show that red performs best in laboratory settings. However, a good angler will try many different options before settling on a bait. The general rule for largemouth bass lures is to stick with what works and if the fish are not biting, switch to something else. The process of trial and error helps narrow down the choices.

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