Tarpon Guides For Unforgettable Experience

By Elinor Tran

Beautiful bright silver tarpon is always a desirable catch. Although they can sometimes have brownish colors if in grassy waters, they are mostly known by this bright silver, large, bony jars and huge scales on their bodies. Using Key West tarpon guides is a great way to learn a little more about them and maybe catch yourself one.

While jumping out, they can actually breath some air, thanks to the fact they have a sort of lungs. Well, they are big, mostly 40 to 100 lbs, often even larger in the Keys area. You will need a very good equipment if you want to catch those monsters. That's why you should have a really good guide with you.

You can find them in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. They are quite common in the Florida Keys, but may also be found in brackish waters. They like shallow water, above 70 degrees. Try west of the Key West, on the edge of the Atlantic's blue waters. Smaller bait-fish, crabs and shrimp are the main ingredients in their diet.

Fighting this monstrous silver acrobat will surely be one of the best fishing experienced, ever. Even if you get one, you should be prepared for a long, exhausting run, because this fish won't surrender easily. Well, it makes it even more attractive. Summer is the best period for them, although they may be caught even during warm winter periods.

May is the peak of the season, especially at night. In June, they remain the main fishing attraction, day and night, as well as in July. Baby-tarpon is the main interest in August and September, but you may successfully prolong the season on October, too. Well, they surely are regular visitors in these waters.

Several captains you will find in this area can help you locate those big, beautiful creatures. They have all the necessary equipment on their boats, and lot of experience. key west tarpon guides are the best answer for you when you are a newbie, but also for all those who want to have an ultimate fishing event.

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