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By Dexter O'Neal

Wetsuit booties (also referred to as neoprene boots) are boots that you put on your feet when the water begins getting actually cold and just wearing a wetsuit in not enough anymore. Even a full wetsuit leaves your feet, hands and your head exposed. The very first thing you usually guard are your feet, this is where you'll really feel by far the most cold.

Next is usually your head and your hands are last.

At what temperature should you begin wearing wetsuit boots?

This depends upon your personal feeling of cold as well as what exactly is your attitude towards surfing in booties. Some surfers hate it for the reason that they do not feel the surfboard beneath their feet. In this situation you're almost certainly going to wear them later as you ordinarily would. In general, water temperatures between 54F and 59F (12C-15C) are when you ought to wear booties. But even in temperatures above that you will really feel much more comfy in booties.

If you are getting wetsuit booties verify the following:

What sort of boots do you need? Reef walkers or winter wetsuit boots? Reef walkers are produced out of thin (0.5 - 1mm) neoprene and are low cut. You wear them to defend your feet from from rocks and coral in the summer. Winter booties alternatively are thicker (2 - 7mm) and are there to defend your feet from the cold.

What kind of neoprene is used in booties and what's the thickness? Flexible neoprene is much better, booties are easier to put on and of, they are much more comfortable and they better hug your foot so less water comes inside. The thickness of neoprene in neoprene booties could be between 1mm and 7mm. For cold water surfing anything below three mm is useless.

Stitching? Are seam waterproof? If they are, much less water will flow into your shoe. That keeps your feet warmer as well as the feeling is much better. Glued, blindstitched and liquid taped seams are perfect. A high end wetsuit boot must have all that.

What is the right wetsuit booties size? They ought to be tight but not too tight. If too large, they'll fill with water as well as your feet will float inside them (a stupid feeling and much less control). On the other hand, if they're too tiny they will slow your blood circulation and that may make your feet cold. A fantastic answer to this is booties which have a strap across your feet. This way you'll be able to tighten and secure them.

Wetsuit booties length - how far up your leg do they go? The longer the better. If they may be too short they're able to slip from beneath your wetsuit and leave your leg exposed. They'll also fill with water... which also sucks. You want your wetsuit booties to reach high up under your wetsuit so there is certainly no way they come out. While you're being active your wetsuit can crawl up your leg a bit and in case your booties are too short they are going to get flushed.

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