What You Should Know About Smallmouth Bass Lures

By Elinor Tran

Lakes and rivers that have a lot of structure such as sunken logs, rocks or piers tend to attract the moats smallmouth. If you are trying out new smallmouth bass lures, be sure to use it in areas such as those. Look to the shoreline to get an idea of what kind of water you are fishing. If the water is clear you can often get an idea just by looking in the lake water.

They tend to prefer a water temperature of around fifty five degrees. That is when they are most active and spawning in shallow water. When the lake water warms up they head to deeper water where they are harder to find.

Spinner baits work well. A rooster tail is a very popular choice. In dark, murky water choose a lighter colored lure. When the lake water is more clear, the darker spinners are the better choice. The fish have to be able to see the lure.

Tie on a feathered fly to get some fast fishing action. It works even better by tipping the hook with a maggot or meal worm. Be sure to use a bobber and work it along the structure, popping it every so often. You will catch a variety of fish with this method including perch, sunfish and crappie. Remember different colors attract different fish so try an assortment.

Live bait such as crayfish, minnows or worms is another good lure. An effective method is to use a double hook setup with a crab or worm on the lower hook and the minnow on the top hook. The fish can have their choice of bait. It is often productive to move the bait around a bit.

A Mepps lure is a favorite all around lure. They are manufactured in different sizes but the number one or number two Mepps tend to be most productive. Casting or trolling with the Mepps in locations the fish hang out produce a lot of action.

Smallmouth are a favorite fish for most fisherman. They are exciting to watch as they fight trying to break free and will often leap out of the water. Learn how to use the best smallmouth bass lures and you will have many days of exciting fishing in your future.

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