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By Ines Flores

If you are a biking enthusiast and need to go shopping for that perfect one which really fits your needs, you need to consider looking for the best shop in Manhattan. You should make sure you are buying from a dealer who will offer your quality, durability and reliability. Whether you require a cycle for mountain riding, racing, free riding or a hybrid one, you need to consult the best bike shop Manhattan.

A great shop will have experts and professionals who understand all that relate to matters concerning cycling. They will have guides on the various types of bikes that can fit your needs. They will also give you a price range that perfectly fits your pocket. Some stores in Manhattan will go further and even lend you the cycle after paying some amount and then pay the rest with time.

You need to consider a store that has all bikes which can fit relatively all needs. These are bicycles which can perform on roads, mountains, city, cruisers, holding cycles among others. A perfect cycle store will have all these and much more under one roof. You can also find a hybrid bike which is designed to perform on various different locations in these shops.

When considering making bicycle purchase, there are various factors to consider and this will help you know which shop is best in Manhattan that offers you all these factors in one. A key factor is to consider what you need the cycle for. Do you need your bicycle for fun racing, competition racing, event riding, and mountain riding or just for family outings? All these factors will help you decide on which bicycle type will accommodate your specific needs.

You also should take into account the frame type of the bicycle to ensure durability. Light weight, design, durability and strength should be your key consideration. Many frames are made from aluminum, steel or carbon fiber. Steel is known to be rugged while aluminum is a bit more light and efficient. Carbon fiber on the other hand is lighter, efficient and very comfortable although it is known to be more expensive and a bit more fragile.

The various specifications on wheels, suspensions, components, color and brand are also important. They should be well assembled to give an intense finish. Consider the brand because manufacturers are different and so is their quality. Buy from a highly regarded manufacturer.

Take your bike on a test ride to check its fitness and comfort. Check the brakes and shifters as you ride up and down hills, over bumps and sand. Explain to the seller your likes and dislikes so that they can be able to gauge your needs and expectations and give you the exact type you need.

The great shops in Manhattan will offer you warranty for one or two years depending on the dealer. They will also give you servicing and tune up adjustments for several days after the purchase. You can also get additional performance accessories such as helmets, water bottles, bike shorts and gloves as well as cycle lube to make your riding fun and safe.

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