What To Look For When Selecting An Electric Bike Kit

By Olivia Cross

You may have seen them on the side of the road as you drove by in your automobile: cyclists cruising along at speeds of twenty miles an hours with little to no effort on their part. This may have set your wheels in motion. Imagine the freedom a fresh breeze on your face as you commute to work, cycle for pleasure, or opt for a long distance ride on an electric bike. You may even be considering purchasing an electric bike kit. Before you do so, here are some things to keep in mind.

Make sure to become familiar with the vocabulary and what it represents. This way you can avoid buying a product that will not meet your needs. Someone who cycles to work will require a longer battery life than the individual who takes pleasure rides around the neighborhood once or twice a month. Also, make sure what you are getting is legal as some states forbid the use of gas powered bikes.

Once you learn the terminology, find out what a starter kit should include. Most consist of three basic parts: a motor, the battery, and a console. You can think of these as the muscles, the heart, and the brain of the bicycle.

The console is attached to the handle bar where it monitors factors such as speed, battery life, the amount of available power, and distance traveled. It is connected to the battery which runs the entire system. It needs to be charged in between rides, and can be easily locked into place after it has been recharged. The battery is linked to the motor which is incorporated into the back wheel.

Spend a few minutes deciding what you need. Take into consideration how far you will travel, the terrain you will encounter, and the purpose of the two wheeler. Determine if you prefer to use a pedal assisted model or one that comes with throttle control. Pay attention to the type of motor in the kit, and whether it is front or rear mounted. Cheaper models usually include chain driven motors that are louder, and less efficient.

The battery will determine speed, how long you are able to ride, and how far you can travel. There is a large variety of options, sizes, and styles to choose from. Taking your needs into consideration, determine how much voltage and amp you need to achieve your goals. A higher capacity means you will able to cycle farther and faster.

By opting for a kit instead of purchasing a new bicycle, you not only save money, but get to transform a comfortable bike that has proven itself on the road. Once installed, the additional equipment will add a mere twenty pounds to your bike making much more lightweight and economical than ready made models. Best of all, this kit can be used on any style of bike, be it a trike, recumbent, or traditional frame.

Whether for pleasure or daily transportation, these kits are a great addition to put on an existing frame as they allow you to travel further, faster, and with less effort. Models are simple to install, and allow cyclists to enjoy stronger, upgraded versions of their favorite bike. The next generation of cycling has finally arrived.

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