Irresistible Nutritional Carp Boilies And Pastes And Big Protein Secrets!

By Tim Richardson

Find out how to make the very best baits and multiply your catches fast! Do you know how and why flavours and ingredients actually work and why? Amino acids, solvents, flavours and salts all affect water molecules in ways that mean carp detect them easily and they stimulate feeding if you use them in the right ways! You can create instant nutritionally-stimulating baits with just the right information!

I guess I'm best known for my recommendation of homemade paste baits and no egg baits made using more reactive bait design approaches compared to boiled egg stifled boilies! I am also most well known for my recommending using no heating of baits; an approach which I have found is superior to boiling or steaming or slow low temperature cooking even because baits are left undamaged and the most feed-stimulatory! I want to begin by introducing a number of instant-acting water-soluble nutritionally-stimulating additives and ingredients that most anglers have easy access to! These simple but very effective substances include the following: crab paste, fish paste, shrimp paste, salmon paste, luncheon meat, spam, corned beef, sausage paste, chicken pate, liver paste, duck pate, Belachan block, liquidised sweetcorn, crushed halibut pellets and crushed hemp seed.

The vast majority of readymade boilies are still being made using the majority of ingredients that the old school paste baits were based on, before eggs and boiling became popularised, (but it's time to update things drastically!) The best baits do not have to be complex, but encapsulate the very best of the most vital principles of bait, including maximised bait substance interaction with water molecules, exploitation of sensory systems and maximised leaf-off concentrations throughout the immersion life of a bait! Marmite, peanut butter, salts, flavours and sweeteners with wheat flour are really old ingredients and enhancers which all catch fish instantly; baits don't need to be complex to catch, but in fact these combinations are actually intrinsically complex! Wary carp really require added impacts and effects within your baits to best help overcome bait-conditioned feeding caution of carp, if you are to achieve very significant edges and better catches against leading brand readymade baits!

You need to break down any and all whole foods used in your baits into their unique components so your baits are far more soluble and thus detectable to your fish; just liquidizing substances will make a significant different to your catches! Liquidised baits on many levels function in superior ways when used as paste compared to tight knit powders in sealed heated boilie form! Paste baits are the ultimate bait format and every single aspect and functional and intrinsic impact and effect of such bait can be measured, controlled, refined, optimised and maximised, with no restriction on shape, form, texture, feel, density, movement and solubility etc! Actively soluble baits are the best baits you can make; this is where the highest percentage of the bait can interact with water to stimulate fish feeding.

This is the difference for us humans with our hugely dumbed-down senses of taste and smell, where for instance Belachan paste has a significant smell, but it is only when you taste it (i.e. in concentrated solution,) that you really are struck by it most active components! Thus Belachan works best in the presence of water and components such as the added salts, the palatable amino acids, nucleotides and nucleosides, the organic acids, naturally-occurring esters and so on all add up synergistically to make you want to eat it! The differences in amino acid profiles of different sources of Belachan is extraordinary; some work brilliantly but others are far less soluble and are just are not as effective. I find with Belachan block and powders, that choosing very fine powder and block products which most easily dissolve the fastest in cold water catch the most fish!

In understanding bait just think for a moment about how much more easily sensed a paste is compared to a boilie made using the same paste; this is a massively profound point in understanding true bait function and conductivity and more which is essential to fish stimulation! There is no comparison between what Belachan and soluble fermented shrimp products leach off when compared to whole shrimp, prawn or krill! One big lesson here is in order to make the best baits you must use a high proportion of soluble and broken-down substances to maximise bait detection and stimulation (and this very seriously matters in egg-sealed boiled baits!) Always make sure that out of the food groups in your baits these are broken down; this principle applies the most to whole protein ingredients!

Krill meal is an effective big fish protein ingredient. But hydrolysed krill protein is massively more effective than whole krill meal! Whole krill is good but nothing like as effective as hydrolysed krill as it's limited because it is still whole and not wholly soluble! The whole point is to release the greatest concentration of feeding stimulation and attraction possible and this is achieved most using soluble materials and not whole food ingredients!

Liquidising whole foods is a very basic first step in easy and instant homemade bait making! Decades ago paste baits really held sway and were primarily based upon protein substances and not carbohydrate binders and were boosted using herbs, spices and countless possibilities of natural extracts of many forms forming very successful soluble baits without eggs or heating! The true way to maximizing success is by breaking down your bait substances to much more profound degrees, which is where enzymes, fermentation, probiotics and more seriously give you a huge edge! (These processes, genuine bait optimising and maximizing secrets are just a part of my bait tuition for defeating leading readymade baits and new bait secrets products!)

Having been teaching superior and alternative bait design and bait making in my one to one unique day intensive tuition courses, for defeat the leading readymade baits, the results of anglers of every level, from complete beginners to the most experienced, has far surpassed my own expectations! The kinds of insights, secrets, processes and substances and levels in my bait tuitions, thoroughly refined over the years, has been incorporated into my new bait tuition product designed and well proven to empower those wishing to defeat leading brand readymade baits! My Big carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks series is far more powerful and revealing information for improving any bait, boilies, pellets, pastes, method mixes most instantly and successfully for big fish! Why not visit my baitbigfish big carp and catfish bait making and bait secrets ebooks and tuition dedicated site for much more powerful information to improve your baits and catches for life!

By Tim Richardson.

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