Make Sure You Have The Right Buffer Tube Kits

By Ruthie Calderon

If you have a love for firearms either as a collector or as a hunter and you want to take a chance and build your own, it is easier than you might think. You will probably be searching for places where you can buy all the parts including buffer tube kits. There are many places online that sell these parts and you would be able to find them at your nearest rifle store.

It would be advisable to purchase the whole kit as this will ensure you have all the right parts that fit with that specific gun. It will be a bit difficult trying to buy the parts separately and it would be a risk in case you receive the incorrect stock. It also cancels out having to wait for the different parts to be delivered.

The kit contains the parts necessary to securely mount your stock assembly on the lower receiver. Each kit can be bought with original parts and are held to a very strict safety standard for proper fit and function. Parts from one manufacturer will fit another's, but might need minor adjusting. The kits are also available for different series of rifles.

There are different parts contained within the kit such as the carbine portion, a receiver end plate, the actual spring, which is made from tensile steel, castle nut, and the six point buffer tube. The piece is created to strike the bolt carrier as it jumps back and the tubing is in place to hold the spring. The tube restrains the spring and spring regulates the whole thing. They lessen the recoils influence, when the bolt carrier travels rearward when the cartridge is firing.

The tube is designed to absorb most of the energy from the kick back as the pistol fires. It slows down the fast moving parts so they don't damage the frame of the rifle or themselves. There are different kinds of tubes available but this one is best suited for the AR-15/M-16. Most fully automatic firearms have buffers and some of the semi-automatic hand guns.

The tubing is crafted from aluminum and has a tough dark exterior. The heat treated steel castle nut has a phosphate surface which makes it extremely durable. The sling attachment gives it more movement and it possesses 6 points for stock length modifications.

The aluminum construction gives your rifle the clean polished look. It has a foam lining that can resist certain chemicals and extreme temperatures. When purchasing the tube cover also, it will give your gun a great look. It has a shiny and clean design and will be a nice add-on for your pistol.

Whether you are in the market for hunting or competition, the buffer tube kit you purchase is designed for utmost effectiveness. They have conveniently put all the parts you would need in an easy to install kit. All the parts are in place, so the whole thing is easy to assemble and you will be able to test your rifle in no time.

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