The Benefits Of Bicycle Tune Up

By Edna Booker

Winter season in Cincinnati OH is now over and the outdoors are enticing you. This is the right time to enjoy the weather outside, so get your bikes now and get back its shape and condition. Whether you have an old machine at home or you have purchased a new one, a regular tuneup is vital in keeping your bike in good condition for a long time.

If you bring your bike to a mechanic and do a full tuneup, it will cost you higher, but a worthwhile investment especially for those cyclists who have no tools or the time to do the maintenance. If you prefer to do the bicycle tune up of your own, then make sure that you have the right skills. Since it is easy and cheap to do some maintenance, it only takes an hour to complete the task for DIYer.

Dirt and dust are actually the number one enemy of bikes, so first look for a clean and open space. If you are using a pathway, it is best to sweep first. The tuneup often revolves around lube, cleaning and few adjustments. Cleaning is the easiest and important ways to keep your bike running for the years to come.

This is actually considered as the core part of any bicycle. Wipe it with a clean towel. If the chain is rusty, dirty or sticky with grease, you have to use some sprays from a fine brush to attract metal filings. If you are using a degreaser, be sure to wipe the chain from possible moist and let it dry before you add grease to the chain once again.

After maintaining your drive chain, it is also time to concentrate on the body. If you love to drive in the mountainside spaces, then there is also a chance that your bike will get muddy. Thus, you have to wash the bike, but avoid washing directly to the headset, bottom bracket and hubs. This will also cause the bicycle to rust the internal components in no time.

One of the primary causes of issues to the bike is lack of proper lubrication. If you forget to check on the lubrication every month, bearings and metal rubs may also grind and your bike will stop functioning properly. If you think proper lubrication of your bike, it may also lead to similar problems. If you prefer to ride in rough spaces, it is best to add extra dry based lube on the chain.

To get started, check first the condition of your brakes. Check the pads and find possible damage or wear in the brakes. If you notice some, then you may replace them as soon as possible. Also, if the brakes are creating grinding noises after you aligned them, you may need to do some sanding application.

Repairing and troubleshooting a bike may take longer than an hour and require you special tools. With issues such as loose headsets, clicking gears and misaligned wheels, it is better take it to an expert mechanic or you may use the manual to fix the problem. If you have no idea about it, then you may only destroy everything.

Lubricating, cleaning and adjusting specific areas of the bike can make it efficient and make your ride very enjoyable. Do not wait until your bicycle has aged before tuning it. A regular tuneup can make a difference in how long the external and internal parts last and how perfect your ride could be.

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