The Red Stags Are Rutting!

By Colin James

(Taupo, New Zealand) Reports from Poronui are that there has been some very exciting hunting during the roar so far. With two months to go before the rut finishes, Poronui Manager Eve Reilly expects there will be many more trophy stags exiting the New Zealand outback before the end of July,"When it comes to deer hunting nz, Poronui has it covered. We have got a premier sporting lodge located in the spectacular North Island backcountry, out of Taupo. We also have Glazebrook Station, located in the high country of the South Island," says Reilly.

Reilly explains that Poronui in the North Island is found in a completely unique outback environment, with a mosaic of grasslands, shrublands, beech and pine forests providing perfect cover for machiavellian deer. Access to a selected location might be in a 4x4 vehicle, followed by a good walk. Otherwise clients who are after some of the finest deer hunting in New Zealand, are helicoptered into wild and beautiful locations in the Kaimanawa forest.

For a total contrast, and for a total deer hunting in NZ experience, Reilly highly recommends hunting on the huge non-public estate of Glazebrook Station, in the South Island. Glazebrook is set in the mountains and deer hunts can span the rocky tops and go through the lush grass valleys,"There is nothing like deer hunting in New Zealand when a stag is roaring out in the tussock of a hanging valley. The free range hunts are challenging, but the open terrain implies large quantities of terrain can be crossed to carefully choose a particular deer to stalk," explains Reilly.

Reilly claims that a relative level of fitness would be excellent, but she says the guides are well versed in finding great spots where not too much walking is required,"We cater for and all abilities. At an initial stage in their Poronui experience, the guide sits down with the customer and works out what they can realistically hope to attain, that way everyone seems to be ecstatic. If you'd like to return home with a prize stag, you have come to the best spot. If you want to see some astounding wild New Zealand scenery and go for a short but successful deer stalk, we are can organize this. "

Reilly claims that different species of deer are found in different habitats and she asserts the guides alter the stalk according to the species. The primary deer species to hunt down for at Poronui in the North Island, are Sika deer and red deer, and there is also rusa, sambar, and fallow buck. Red deer and fallow buck prefer the alpine high country terrain of Glazebrook,"For a total New Zealand deer hunting experience, clients hunt on both Poronui and Glazebrook. " Reilly adds that many deer stalkers suddenly find they have time to fish for trout, with the sparkling waters of the wild brooks proving impossible to resist, however she is saying that is another story!

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