6 Benefits Of Getting The 1911 Custom Work

By Phyllis Schroeder

The 1911s have been around for more than a century. However, they are still a favorite among many people. With the ability to customize the firearm, it becomes even more important to hold dear these old machines. The 1911 custom work has made these guns favorable among the Marine Corps, SWAT, LAPD, and FBIs HRT because of the many benefits that comes with customization.

Of course, the main reason many individual go to have their guns customized is to improve reliability. Professional gunsmiths are able to identify blurs, edges, in addition to other defects that affect usability and correct them. Throating and polishing is also done with the highest level of professionalism to increase reliability.

Affordable Prices: when it comes to modifying firearms, some experts charge prices that are above the roof. However, when you go to a reliable professional, you should be able to get affordable prices. A rule of thumb is that you should consider the cost for making or buying a new firearm and that of remodeling it. If there is no significant difference, then know that you are being overcharged.

Corrosion Resistance: most firearms are coated with cerakote ceramic coatings. You can choose to have the coating in single color, two-tone or multi-tone. Moreover, one can also choose basic or complex camouflage. However, the most exciting part of the coating property is that it is corrosion resistant. Therefore, the pistol will even be more durable.

If you are looking for a gun that looks nice and offers reliability at the same time, then custom works will offer exactly that. DuraCoat coating, which is mainly used for customizing guns to offer durability, is very resilient. This makes it suitable for those who use their guns particularly for outdoor services. Moreover, the colors are bright, making the machine look stylishness.

It is important that you choose a material that you are comfortable with when it comes to customizing your gun. When you go to a gunsmith, you should ask for sample wear tests for different materials so that you can choose one that you like the most. Remember that reliability and durability should be the most important factors.

Flexibility: cerakote coating offers the most flexibility. This means that your pistol is unlikely to crack even under stress. The test checks the quality of the material against cracking, detachment and/or elongation and determines its elasticity or resistance. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can perform well in an outside environment, then this is the best choice.

When you have kids in the hose, then you would not want to have an old gun lying around the house because of safety issues. Most early firearm designs never came with safety pins; hence, they fire easily, which makes them a hazard in the house. However, this can be added during customization.

Having a classic firearm is a great thing. However, it is even better to have it customized to meet your personal taste and needs. The good news is that custom works allows you to have additional features added without compromising the quality of the pistol.

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