Deer Hunting Keenness NZ

By Colin James

(North Island, New Zealand) New Zealand has for some time been a destination for deer hunting enthusiasts across the world, in particular as we have an open season. Poronui is famous for being the sporting lodge of choice for deer hunters around the world, who find great pleasure in hunting their most preferred trophy at any time of year.

Lodge Manager of Poronui, Eve Reilly comments that NZ has a global reputation for exciting stag trophy hunting in a breathtakingly beautiful environment,"The northerly hemisphere stag hunting season compliments deer hunting New Zealand, as the seasons are opposite and when the stag has finished 'rutting' on the other side of the planet, the 'roar' is just beginning here. "

Reilly adds that in other countries deer hunting is only allowed during a very short season, whereas deer hunting New Zealand is allowed at any time of year,"Naturally hunters opt to go deer hunting New Zealand while the stags are roaring, however the natural season is extended rather by different sorts of stag coming into the roar at differing times. Then there are the climatic differences between the latitudes which are accentuated when you go into the high country of the South Island, and again this extends the natural deer hunting season. "

For those that are needing to come to New Zealand especially to hunt down for deer, Reilly recommends they plan their trip between late February and the start of August. She says that at this time sika deer, red stag, and fallow deer are in hard antler. The roar begins in the middle of March for red stags and 4 weeks later sika stags, fallow stags and rusa stags all come into the roar,"Spring and summer hunts will be focused on meat for the table, and perhaps a skin if the coats are still full. Some of the most delightful hunts have been had at this time, you are just not going to be collecting the SCI trophies during this time," explains Reilly.

Some of the best deer hunting guides in New Zealand work for Poronui Hunting, both in the North Island at Poronui and in the South Island at Glazebrook. Reilly says that the hunting guides are consummate professionals, very experienced and knowledgeable,"They live to get a hunter lined up on a trophy animal, what's more Poronui Hunting guides are good company and revel in a day out in the hills with clients. Collectively our guides have hunted for all type of species, across the world and every one of them is passionate about the outdoors, and hunting and fishing. ".

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