How A Remington 700 Gunsmith Can Improve Weapon Accuracy

By Phyllis Schroeder

Anyone who owns a firearm wants their piece to be an elegant ornament of self-defense with the greatest precision possible. Fortunately, there are after-market upgrades available for many brands and of firearms available. To ensure proper installation, one should seek out a professional, such as a Remington 700 Gunsmith.

Accurizing, the process of making a gun more accurate, is a delicate procedure. Accuracy in a firearm is defined as the ability to hit whatever target one is aiming at. This seems simple enough until one tries out an old-fashioned revolver known for the bullet to land a few feet to the right of the target.

There are a few factors involved, the first of which being the grip that one has on the weapon. Installation of a better grip which allows for comfortable holding without clenching the weapon is ideal. If the grip is comfortable then the shooter should be able to fire the weapon with a consistent degree of pressure.

For shooters new to the sport of rifle marksmanship, the recoil of the weapon can be startling, causing the shooter to miss the target, and sometimes making the shooter uptight about the weapon itself. It is not possible to completely obliterate recoil on a rifle, but this harmonizing effect can be reduced. Harmonizing effect should be proportionate to the square of the length of the barrel, so a longer barrel will result in less recoil.

The downside to lengthening the barrel is that the bullet exits the chamber with less speed, and will therefore hit the target with much less force. In order to make up for this loss of velocity, many marksmen and women will utilize a bullet that gives more bang, and this can be very important when hunting big game. This means using a single shot slug rather than buckshot, or even armor piercing rounds if available, and legal.

Perfecting the accuracy of a firearm also involves making the moving parts fit together in such a way that they shift the least under recoil. Professional gunsmiths do claim that this process is as much art as science. Getting these parts to achieve the best possible tolerance to one-another requires an experienced hand.

The quality of ammunition used is also a large factor in determining the accuracy a firearm will consistently achieve. Most gun manufacturers also have bullets on the market which are known to produce a consistent result when used with a particular gun. For most fans of this sport, that level of accuracy is adequate, and only a high-precision shooter will feel the need to manually load their own ammunition.

In order to fire bullets in proper groups, accuracy must be very high, and the shooter must be well-practiced on the gun they are firing. Being experienced with many guns is an honorable pursuit, but having an intimate knowledge of a single weapon will always bring about more consistently desirable results. This intimacy is why so many marksmen and women give their firearm a name.

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