Essentials You Should Pack In A Tactical Bail Out Bag

By Shawn Hunter

If you want to bring out the survivalist element in your personality, then you should go for activities that can let you live in the wild. Go for camping and similar activities to test your mettle. When you build up your survivalist skills, that can definitely help you out in a lot of situations in the long run.

If you want to become a good survivalist, then you better prepare the things necessary for your activity. These necessary things must be put inside your tactical bail out bag. You can survive any situations when you have the said knapsack. Here are some of the things to put inside the said valise for survival training.

Water. This is the most basic commodity that people should focus on. Even in normal situations, a person needs to drink water to survive. Even more so when a survival situation occurs. You simply have to prepare a a liter of water for survival. You may also consider packing a water purification system in the knapsack.

Food should be prepared beforehand too. Purchase backpack meals in the market that a person can actually add into your knapsack. These backpack meals can be freeze dried meals. Consider picking lightweight stuff which can last you for a long time. Do not forget to bring some energy bars since these can last you for a long time too.

Clothing. Pack enough clothes. There are many types to put into the pile nowadays so that you could survive in whatever situation regardless of where one currently is. Get a good pair of sturdy boots. Get a pair of long pants and socks too. Underwear, jackets, shirts, and such can offer you comfort even while camping. Remember to have our bandana and hat too.

Temporary shelters are very light so pack them inside your bags too. Choose a tarp tent or a camping tent. With that, you have the necessary protection against elements. You even have a warm and dry place to sleep at whenever you pack the temporary shelters as well. Do not forget your sleeping bag.

You need a first aid kit as well. Instead of having the prepackaged kits, you can just tailor your own. Put the meds that you really need for your own use in a first aid kit. It might include your allergy meds or anti-histamines. Aside from the treatment for wounds, you can put in medication according to how you think you need then.

There are basic gear you must take into account. The basic gear starts with the rain gear to protect you from the rain. It can be a coat or a poncho. Fire starters should be packed, ensuring you have three options to start a fire. Simple lighting equipment and cooking gears are necessary. Remember to bring a survival knife too.

Weapons. There are actually lots of cases when you need to protect yourself against those who are planning you harm. It might be due to other campers or there might be wild animals out there. Be sure to prepare a weapon you can easily use beforehand. This is a sign that you are thinking like a true survivalist now.

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