Safety Tips For Better Gator Hunting

By Daphne Bowen

There are a number of activities that people can enjoy nowadays. One of those rare activities to enjoy in would be gator hunting in Louisiana. The said activity is where people will go hunt for alligators. This hunt is very thrilling as the hunter will be dealing with a really wild animal. There are some rules and regulations to be followed for this hunt though.

As the hunter, be aware that this hunt means dealing with extremely dangerous prey. If you are hunting, then you better prepare yourself for the various dangers which you are exposing yourself to. You must be extremely careful so that you do not receive injuries or even fatalities. Here are some precautionary guidelines to remember in the hunt.

First, you have to learn when to retreat. As much as possible, you are to keep away from the alligators. A distance of at least 30 feet should be more than enough to give you a leeway to get away from whenever the person is in danger. If one gets too close, then one must back away slowly. An alligator is not sluggish and slow. They can really chase people, especially when they are cornered.

Hissing is a natural trait of reptiles. If the said animal hisses at you, then you better take that as warning sign from it. The reptile hisses whenever it feels its life in danger. It also hisses when it thinks that you are too near. If that happens, then you should slowly back away.

Especially the female alligators, these are the ones who always protect the nest or the young. If they are in protect mode, they will definitely charge at you immediately, without any warning, if ever you get too close. To not alarm the female gator, you better avoid getting too close to small alligators. Avoid piles, soil, and grasses as well since these can be the nest of the said animal.

Basking is one of this particular animals' favorite activities. They spend their time outside of hunting basking in the sunlight. When they are basking, they usually leave their mouth wide open. These animals are usually on stand by at the banks of the ponds or streams.

Bringing of pets for this is not recommended. After all, regardless of how good the pets are for hounding the prey, they will just become the prey to these animals instead. These pets are just of the right size, after all. In case you really need to bring them, then avoid bringing them near the water's edge to keep them safe.

Even when an individual is not hunting, you might want to remember some safety tips whenever you encounter these animals. These tips can help you save your life, after all. For example, when fishing, you should just let the said animal take your bait, cut the line, and then move to a new spot. That will save you.

You still have other safety tips worth remembering whenever you want to hunt this wild reptile. It will be good for you to remember these tips because the reptiles are extremely dangerous. You better keep your guard up during the hunt so that you can stay safe.

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