The Popular Applications Of Military Radio Antenna

By Daphne Bowen

Terrorism has become on the problems our world is experiencing now. That is why the American armed forces have declared a war against terrorism. The United States of America has been targeted by the terrorist groups, even years before the September 2001 bombing of World Trade Center in New York. Even though the US forces has successfully fought terrorism, they are faced with another problem. The ISIS has been causing turmoil in the Middle East when they had taken over Iran and Syria. It has been reported that hundred of thousands have been killed by the group. Women and children were viciously raped and killed.

The US war against terrorism has been supported by over 60 countries. Modern firearms, ammunitions, and tools have been employed to track and destroy the group. Military radio antenna had been utilized to make communication effective and possible.

The antenna is an electrical tool that converts electrical power into radio waves and vice versa. Its application is not only limited for communication purposes. This article has listed several applications of the antenna. Read on.

Radar. We all heard about the word radar, but what we do not know is that it is just a shortened term for Radio Detection And Ranging. We know that it is employed by the military to recognize any object in its way by transmitting waves to rebound on the object. This can help determine the angle, velocity, and range of the object. The ships, guided missiles, airplanes, and jets used radar.

Satellite Antenna or SATCOM. SATCOM is used in broadcasting, space probe communication, naval purposes, and weather research usage. It relays and boosts the telecommunication signals. The signals are reflected back to Earth. It can cover wider areas and farther distances. There are four forms of SATCOM, the horn, parabolic, phased array, and helica.

Communication receivers. This black box has optimal stability and performance. That is helpful in operations. The broadcasting property of this machine makes it very effective in intercommunication.

Two way radio. A walkie talkie is one form of a two way radio. You can push the button if you want to contact another person. However, conversing together is not possible. While you talk, the other person listens and vice versa.

Bluetooth technology. The greatest benefit of a Bluetooth enabled device is that it lets numerous devices synchronize information simultaneously. This is the reason why the soldiers are taking advantage of the Bluetooth system. It also allows them to connect and exchange data over short distances.

Mobile phones. It is definitely the most popular form of antenna application. It makes communication possible no matter where you are in the world. It is equipped with Bluetooth and infrared. It can also let you send text message and emails. The top for mobile phone manufacturers are Apple, Samsung, LG, and Nokia.

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