Why Military Antennas Play A Big Role Against Terrorism

By Nancy Gardner

There had been wide reports of terrorism going on, especially in the Middle East. One of the known infamous terrorist groups is the ISIS, which stands Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. This dangerous militant group seized both Syria and Iraq, taking over major oil fields. Millions of residents have been held captive and feared for their lives. It has also been reported that members of IS are raping and executing women and children, If ISIS continues to terrorize, the world could suffer economically, socially, and politically.

Over 60 countries have joined the US in the battle against terrorism. The coalition led by the US forces has conducted military intervention in Syria and Iraq through airstrikes and heavily armed commandos. Different countries have sent state of the art firearms and tools to the US forces to show their support in battling ISIS. One form of most extremely helpful tools used in war are the different types of military antennas.

This type of antennas are precise and reliable tool that is used is wide variety of defense and precision application, including unmanned airborne vehicles, electronic IED countermeasures, missiles, and vehicle telemetry, SATCOM, asset tracking, airborne, and portable ground and satellite communications. Antennas are widely used for communication and monitoring. Below are some of the antennas that are beneficial often used in military operations.

Satellite Communication Antenna. It has been used for a number of decades by the nations defense force. The military have been using SATCOM because it can cover far distances and wider areas compare to a simple radio. Its frequency starts from 0.3 GHz but can reach up to 30 GHz. It works by relaying and reflecting the signals back down the earth. Parabolic, horn, helica, and phased array are the 4 forms of SATCOM antennas.

Unmanned Vehicle (UVA). Also known as the drone, these are unpiloted aerial vehicles are loaded with missiles. Jet electric engines are used to power UVA. They are basically used as spies by monitoring the activities in a specific area. On board computers or remote control commands its flight, just like when you are playing a video game.

UVAs are extremely expensive. According to sources, there are only 4 countries who were able to buy the combat drones. These countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and China.

Conformal Antenna. Conformal antenna (aka avionics antenna) is a flat radio antenna which is intentionally designed to follow some prescribed shapes. The largest applications of this type of antenna are missiles and aircraft. They are widely used by the military because it can easily camouflage because it can easily blend with a structure.

Vehicle Telemetry Antenna. It is consist of GPS receiver and an electronic device. It is used to investigate a location, its activities and status. The readers are converted into digital information where it can be seen in a computerized mapping software. Developers of missiles and aircraft used this type of antenna for testing.

These extremely useful tools can play a role in the war against terrorism. The above mentioned are some of the widely used antennas for military purposes. You can check out the website if you want to know about these antenna.

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