There Are Different Types Of Military Whip Antenna

By Della Monroe

Transmission is a means for people but this is the most common and essential to the war heroes of the world. When it comes to sending of coded messages, this is mostly used. Even if they are traveling, may it be on foot, by plane or on the ship, communication is their only when to get in touch with each other wherever they may be assigned to.

With the innovation of technology today, things should be in line with all upgraded system to avoid incompatibility. There are all sorts of improvements of the new world and they are not an exception to this change. Military whip antenna is designed for portable man pack radios, and these are its kinds.

Before anything else, there is one radio equipment that has been used since the early 1970s by the British army and has been passed onto various platoons and this is clansman that has changed the used of devices as of today. Its very own improvised tool is the 1.2m Mk6 with a length of 47in, with a steely look and a heavier type than most. It has for sections meaning it can be folded.

The HF mobile are used with an automatic transmitting aerial tuning unit or the ATU like AT T 1. It also comes with golden yellow, black, silver, or the most basic green but it basically to hide the soldiers. The standard version is 3 meters high, tuner dependent, a one kw PEP for its power rating and use in mobile operation.

Use for the British types of devices, the TRA 967 that disguises its users from anyone at a maximum feet away. It can be folded up eight times in a period of time, which means its easy to pack or set whenever it is wanted. When fully used, its height reaches a maximum of no more than 97 inches.

Tactical CODAN is used for moving operation either in short or average spacing. It can be vertically or horizontally used for it does not require a receiver for its transmission. With its length of three meters, its used in action for movements and has a clear scope, thus, it can be set up anywhere by anyone almost in one swift motion.

AT M TW Tap does not need a tuner and can fit into the base of the adapter or any alternative base. It is designed with a solid glass fiber, assuring its strength and durability. It has a range of 2 to 30 mhz, a power of 160 watts PEP, a length of 1.89m and it is usually in color black Matt.

CODAN 3040 Automatic is low profile which can be used both in NGT and 2110 kind of radios that has less in length and half of its weight. It is built for severe conditions anywhere such as drop of temperature, vibration, or immersion. It has a range of 2 to 30 mhz, a power of 125w PEP, and supports ALE and frequency hopping modes.

Interested in purchasing one of these, you can always check any website found in the internet as its generally in posted in there nowadays. There are a hundred couple more that are displayed. Some of them are even located in your are.

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