Modifying A Military CB Antenna

By Mattie Knight

Changing the settings of an antenna is something that you would surely be able to do. However, you have to know the right flow so that this thing would really be able to serve its purpose. This can be helpful for your work and save you a lot of money since you shall not call a professional even for an advice.

The first thing that you should avoid doing is to paint this object. A military CB antenna can be sensitive and this is not the right time for you to bring out your colorful personality. Everything has to blend well with your car for work to keep you from getting reprimanded by your superiors.

You should try to get a grip of yourself when you are tightening those screws. The base can only take so much pressure since it is a small thing. So, have the instinct to know when you have already reached your limits. Have somebody look over you just to get the right amount of tightness in your set up.

Only let a screwdriver remove the lid from the bottom. With the lid out of the way, you can already search for the cable. Thus, simply take your time and be certain that the cables have not been exposed beforehand since that can cause a friction between you and these objects which can be very dangerous.

Find capacitor number five and twist it. However, be certain that you have moved to the right while you were counting. That can bring accuracy to your work which is necessary in keeping all the frequencies open for your daily. Without proper communication, you can easily misinterpret the orders being given to you.

Lengthen the cable for as long as you can. You simply do not have the luxury of time to make another purchase again. Moreover, always wear gloves even when you are just cutting the cable. This can keep you from being electrocuted and getting burned once you get to the fitting stage of the procedure.

Make sure that the cable is properly attached and that they shall be mounted properly. Also the whole set up has to be away from metallic materials. This can improve the reception and keep you from getting in trouble while you are in the battle field. Your safety has to be one of your primary concerns in doing this task.

Use a SWR meter to see if you got the measurements right. If there has been a mistake, be very patient in starting all over again. Buy the same set of materials and know where you got it wrong this time around.

Tightly close the lid after the test. Check it once again since a simple wave of air can destroy all of your efforts. So, put additional materials such as a tape for you to be sure that your antenna will be up and running.

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