Kids Love Being Active With Turnersville NJ Kids Gym Programs

By John Davis

Participating in a gymnastics class is much more than performing a few simple tricks. It is also learning how to be part of a larger group of children with similar goals. They learn that other children are as important as they are. Joining one of the classes for toddlers at Turnersville NJ Childrens Gymnastics allows them to learn the importance of following rules and how much fun it is to be in the company of other children.

Parents have the fun of watching as their own child makes those first attempts to do the front somersault. The goal at this early age is the ability to try to do it. No one is expecting a perfect performance. No one is made to feel incompetent as long as they continue to try.

The goal at this early age is simply an introduction to the activities gymnastics provides. Kids are happiest when they are encouraged to move around and be active. Toddlers are not, by nature, quiet and orderly. Classes are meant to be fun, fun and more fun.

The balance beam is four inches wide. In competition it is raised high above the floor. When the children are first introduced to it, it will be positioned at little more than floor level. Each child takes a turn walking on it. They may want an instructor or parent to hold their hand as they do so the first few times. They will be encouraged, but never forced to try it without help.

The child's safety is always the major consideration. For one thing, the first attempts at doing a somersault is done on a rubber mat that is rolled out on the hard wooden floor of the gym. The backward somersault is a skill learned a little later on in most cases.

Over the next few months of class, some children will show natural ability for performing the tricks. But, a child is never made to feel inadequate if he is not. The only measure of success for each is that he continues to try to improve his skills.

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