An Overview On Bear Hunting Techniques Ontario

By Carolyn Johnson

People usually opt to undertake different activities from their normal routine. Going out with friends or family is among the many leisure activities that allow networking or bonding with one another. For people who love engaging into hunting especially in Ontario can consider learning bear hunting techniques Ontario. Mainly this is in an effort of getting the best capture in terms of a large bear.

Each hunter has his or her own method, which are applied during hunting. There are key considerations that professional hunters look into before preparing to hunt. Bears have a highly sensitive sense of scent. Hunters capitalize on this by setting up a certain bait, which produces a strong smell that attracts the potential animal towards he trap. Beaver pond regions are very attractive places to these animals since they like feeding on beavers.

Baiting stands by far as one of the most practical and successful methods of hunting bears. Hunters prefer setting up this technique in places where most bears visit for feeding or rather taking water. These animals are very strong and therefore capable of taking away the bait or food with them especially inside the forest. Hence, most have resulted into tying the bait to a strong tree.

Stalking or spotting is another preferred technique among bear hunters. It involves the hunter prowling along hydro corridors, cuts, swamp edges, fields or any other place known for bear activity in a particular area. In this method, no baiting method is required to lure in the animal. Bears are known for leaving behind a trail of large footprints from their claws.

Bears are huge mammals that weigh a lot in terms of weight between two and eight hundred pounds. They are also highly resilient and muscled. This means that they are quite dangerous and engaging into hunting these creatures can be very risky. Most hunters possess heavy firepower while undertaking their operations. Hunters consider special ammunition and large caliber guns to knock out the huge giant bears.

Various tricks or methods that mimic or imitate wounded animals are used to lure the attention of the targeted animal in question. This technique is referred to as calling, whereby a hunter ought to stay in a particular point to view the approaching animal. The use the sounds of animals that are highly preferred by the bears such as elks, caribou, deer and moose. A bear faced with this situation runs towards the direction of the cry in an aim of capturing the given animal.

There are certain traps, which target the feet of bears. They are set in particular paths commonly used by bears as they go to get food or water. Upon getting hold of a given bear, it instills pain into it through its sharp jigsaw edges, which scares the other bears making it easier for the hunters to take a good shot.

Before engaging into hunting for the first time, an individual should consider using a guide. In addition, the person should adhere and obtain the necessary licenses as indicated by the hunting regulations of this area.

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