Surviving The Gator Hunting Season

By George Hamilton

In Pierre Park, LA many experienced hunters and aspiring ones gather around to join the annual hunt of capturing alligators. The season only last for thirty days, and having the correct papers and equipment is crucial to survival. Safety is not guaranteed even to the veteran hunters, but with green horns it is easier to avoid accidental death and injury by being eaten alive by an alligator through following the guidelines.

Blessed with many rivers Pierre Park, La is the ideal home for many alligators. Gator hunting starts in September on the first Wednesday in gator hunting in louisiana. Professional hunters and new applicants must file for cite tags, so they are able to harvest the animal.

About one point three million gators exists, and since 1988 harvesting and hunting of alligators is an international and national recognized program. Alligators provide leather for belts, boots, and saddles while its meat is cooked and devoured. Farming alligator is one of the biggest industry in the state.

During the season locals and non residents are subjected to follow appropriate documentation. These requirements are, Be 18 years old to apply for a license to trap alligators and two cite tags. However other licenses must be considered, for example, people who are disabled, under eighteen, and senior citizens.

But those are not the only kinds of licenses that one needs to get. There are other licenses for those below 18 years of age, disabled persons, and senior citizens that they need to apply to be able to participate in the event. Other documentation required to be submitted are proof of property ownership, map of the property where the alligators are hunted, signature from the landowner for permission, and sometimes a legal alligator hunting lease.

The foundations of gator hunting requires a basic knowledge about the equipment commonly used. And the purpose and usage of these tools. Four important things to have is a harpoon, head light, bang stick, and a gaff.

The harpoon pool is primarily used to find the animal and attach a restrain line on it. But a bow line only works with a gator that is six inch and below. Compared to the harpoon pool, this is required when you hunt a seven inch gator or even longer.

A hunter must remain calm even in the face of danger, but with the wrong equipment everything goes down hill. A harpoon, as the name suggest, is used to spot the animal then restrains it from escaping. Having a head light strapped unto the forehead enables the hunter to use the hands openly, and guides eyes during the dark or murky waters of the bayou.

Never aim on the top of the gators head or above water because this cause the bone and lead sputter. Properly putting the gator asleep requires you to dip it into eight inch of water then aim the bangstick behind the back of its head for a cleaner end. To wrap up the hunt use the gaff to hook it under the front tip of the bottom jaw, but unless it struggles to pull the gaff off then shoot it again.

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