Things To Know Related To Guided Gator Hunting In Louisiana

By Henry Olson

Alligators or gators as they are generally referred to, are among the largest reptiles. Louisiana gators specifically are they largest reptiles in North America. The area also has the largest current population of the animals in the United States. Guided gator hunting in Louisiana is one of the business that people have gotten into . When planning to go for a guided tour its good if you do your homework to know what to expect.

One thing that you need to check is that the tour company you choose to give you the tour is licensed. You can get referrals from people who have used them before. Pierre Park is swampy area with no shortage of alligator. It has gator parks for hunting the animals and also places zoo where you can feed and observe the animals.

Despite the fact that you have a trained guide with you, it is better when you also have some basic skills. This can be gained by attending a basic training course in hunting which offers certificates on completion. Alligator hunting can be a dangerous job because the animals themselves are predators. You will also require to have a special hunting license for you to be allowed to hunt.

The aim of the hunt is to trap and kill the gators. This is done using bows and arrows, firearms or gig and snare. After the hunt the skin form the animal is used to make shoes, belts and bags and the meat is eaten. In other cases the alligator may be stuffed and kept as a souvenir by the hunter.

The tour company should have alligator tags from the department of wildlife and fisheries. This are given to individuals who have approval or happen to own land that is known to be a wetland and has alligators. Before conducting any hunting they must have documents showing legal ownership of the land with a map of a particular area. This prevents trespassing onto other peoples land and the complications that come with it.There are also public waters and lakes for those who do not own land.

Alligators are reptiles and thus tend to surface to enjoy warm sunny weather. They also hunt at any time of the day. The time scheduled for the tour will most likely be for your convenience as the gators are there all the time.

You should also plan for the payment of the tours. You can compare the prices that different companies offer for different services then settle on one that is the most suitable for you. During this process it will also allow you to look over the referrals and reviews that different providers have got.

Guided tours are a better option than going on your own. The guides generally know the best hunting areas and constantly monitor the animals movement. They also provide all the equipment needed. They will definitely ensure your safety while out in the swamps. Processing the animals may not be involved in many of particular offers but in some cases can be arranged for you.

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