Bear Hunting Techniques Ontario For Dummies

By Pamela Clark

Bear hunting is one of the most dangerous activities that hunters might ever participate in. Bears are generally known to be very fierce and strong. If one would want to catch bears, then he has to take note of some good bear hunting techniques ontario.

As stated above, one will have to count on his smarts if he wants to win against his opponent. Now, it does not take a genius to know that bears are ten times stronger and tougher than humans. Going head on against bears is not going to do any good which is why one should learn how to trap bears instead of fight with them.

Bears in general are very protective of their kin which is something that hunters can use to their advantage. One thing that a hunter can do is that he can try some bear calls to lure out the target to trap it in its spot. Before trying to catch bears, learn some bear calls first like the danger call or the mating call because these calls are able to bring them out into the open and ready to be caught.

Another thing that one can do to lure out these animals would be to use food to trap them. Bears eat some berries and fruits but they are mainly meat eaters which means that a nice little steak will entice them. Before going on a hunt, always bring some rations that can be used as bait to get the target to come out into the open areas.

Aside from food and calls, another way to snag bears would be to buy one of those custom traps that are specifically made for catching animals like bears. To use this type of trap, one has to hide it properly so that his target will not see it and put a piece food where the trap is located. After that, all one has to do is wait and his target will soon by caught in the sweet little trap.

Now, if ever one has been subdued by the target and loses his weapon, then it is time to start retreating. However, bears are quick on their feet and definitely quicker than humans. So the only way to escape would be to play dead and wait for the animal to go away.

Also, one must also take note that bears are afraid of lights and things that move suddenly. If one happens to be at the mercy of this animal, flash a blinding flashlight at its face. This will temporarily shock it so that one is able to escape.

For those who want to take up the challenge of catching a bear, here are some effective techniques that can help. Always remember that the forest is the home of the target. If one does not want to be turned into the target, he must study his target. Know the enemy and it is possible to win against this opponent that is bigger, tougher, and faster.

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