Things You Should Know Before Going For Gator Hunting In Louisiana

By Ryan Turner

The chasing and catching of animals has always seemed to fascinate humans. Alligators happen to be the largest known reptiles in North America, with Louisiana gators being the biggest. Gator hunting in Louisiana, is one of the most interesting things you might do in your life. Before going on this expedition there are some things you should know.

First, before anyone plans to start hunting here, you need to have a license. If you have your own piece of land and want to conduct the hunt here, you need a permit showing that your land has the gators. You will also require maps that clearly show boundaries, to avoid any cases of trespassing which may lead to legal matters. For people who do not own their own land, you can get signed permission from a land owner to use their space, or use the public waters. You will also need to apply for tags, which will be used after you catch the animals. This tags are not interchangeable.

Despite the fact that the population of these reptiles has increased considerably over time, their hunting is still restricted to certain times. Within this area, the timing depends on the zone you are in. In the east zone, it starts on the last Wednesday of August. In the west zone, it starts on the first Wednesday of September. The seasons last for thirty days after the opening day. This helps to avoid disturbing them during the mating and nesting seasons.

Alligators tend to feed mainly at dusk or at dawn. This is also the best time to catch them, as they will tend to surface when looking for food. It is however prohibited to hunt for the creatures in the night. Trying to catch them when they are feeding can also very be dangerous.

Every hunter needs to have good and reliable equipment, which they are familiar with. In this state you can use a bow and arrows, hook and line, or any firearms, apart from shotguns. This are all to make sure that the animals are dispatched, without doing a lot of damage to the hide or the meat. You are not allowed to harass or molest the animals.

As a hunter you need to be very careful when engaging the animals. They are naturally very aggressive and are also very fast in water. They can also be very large and heavy, in this case if they bite you and pull you into the water they could kill you. You are advised not to swim in gator infested waters or try to feed wild ones. A training course, could also be helpful in giving you more experience.

After the gator has been caught and tagged, it needs to be skinned and processed. The skinning can be a very difficult process and if it done wrong, may end up devaluing the hide. It should therefore be done by somebody with experience.

You need not be an experienced hunter to engage in this sport. You can hire a guided tour through the bayou and get to see the professionals at work. This will give you the thrill of the tour, while keeping you out of harms way. While in the area you can visit the city Pierre Park, for a chance to feed, touch and take photos with the reptiles.

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